Mega Blaster Bulk Blast Machine



  • Bulk Blast Pot capacity up to 160 cu ft / 4500 liters
  • Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne unique specifications
  • Garnet abrasive capacity – up to 23800 lbs / 10.8 tonne
  • Ultimate Bulk Mega blast machine for large onsite blasting contractors
  • Comes with 4 Thompson Valve metering valves
  • Mounted on a highway certified trailer



Schmidt Bulk Blast Pots are ideal for high production, on site use. The 160 cubic foot is the largest in the range. Mega-blasters increase operating efficiencies onsite. These blast machines can be filled up at the start of a shift and not need refilling till the end.

This provides 2 benefits:

  • Instead of spending 10 to 15 minutes per hour refilling the pot, production can remain continuous.
  • Moist air enters a blast pot when it depressurizes. Keeping a blast pot pressurized excludes moist air.

These units are available with various mounting options: – leg mount, skid mount, and yard or highway tow-able trailers. The same attention to ergonomic excellence that characterizes the smaller Schmidt blast pots also applies to the Bulk Blast Pots. Benefits such as ease of access and ease of operation. Options that are available for Mega blast pots include…

  • Bulk Bag Rack.
  • Access Platform.
  • Multiple Valving and Piping.
  • Union End Ball Valve for ease of maintenance.
  • Time Clock.
  •  Configurable as a mist blaster.

Bulk blast pots maximize productivity on large abrasive blasting projects. Eliminating the downtime required to refill a standard blast pot can effectively double the abrasive blasting/sandblasting productivity. It also reduces the manual handling of your blasting media. This is because bulk pots and mega pots can be filled pneumatically or with overhead crane. Refilling of this bulk pot is possible in under 30 minutes. This is with sufficient capacity to blast with four operators for an entire shift. Bulk pots can have multiple blast nozzles being used at the same time. Standard bulk pots have provision for up to 4 to 6 outlets. This unit it will run efficiently with one operator.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mount Type

20” Leg Extensions, Highway Trailer, Shipping Legs, Yard Trailer

Number Of Outlets

1 Outlet, 2 Outlets, 4 Outlets

Item Size

120 CuFt, 160 CuFt, 40 CuFt, 75 CuFt

Valve Type

TERA Metering Valve, Thompson Valve

Document Downloads

Mega Blaster Manual

Data Sheet

Hybrid Mega Manual

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