Chronital Stainless Steel Shot - Blasting Media


Stainless Steel Shot

  • Manufactured chronital stainless steel shot abrasive
  • Can be recycled many times
  • Stainless Steel Abrasives are also used in applications where there can be no ferrous contamination
  • Used mainly in an air-blast application to create a specific desired finish or where a non-ferrous abrasive is required
  • Sharp edges gradually round over as it wears
  • Packed in 25kg bags
  • Made by Vulkan Shot
  • Grittal Stainless Steel Grit also available

Chronital Stainless Steel Shot - Blasting Media


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Spherical CHRONITAL stainless steel shot abrasive is utilized in all applications where ferrous buildup is a disservice or undesired. Stainless steel shot is often used instead of glass beads due to its lower dust, lower abrasive consumption and less waste. CHRONITAL stainless steel shot abrasive is appropriate for use in shot blast wheel machines as well as nozzle blast. Ideally used for in cleaning, deburring, peening, descaling, roughening and surface of:

  • Aluminum, bronze, metal, zinc and stainless steel castings
  • Aluminum, metal and stainless steel forgings
  • Aluminum extrusion and stainless steel profiles
  • Stainless steel wire and rod
  • Stainless steel and steel parts and components
  • Titanium or nickel-based alloy parts
  • Concrete pavers and natural stone

Available Grades of stainless steel shot:

CHRONITAL® Stainless Shot Size Comparison Chart

(in mm.)
Mesh Size SAE Equiv. Cut Wire
Inch mm
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S10 Vulkan .05-0.2 170-100 ———- ———- ———-
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S20 Vulkan 0.1-0.3 100-70 S-70 0.012 0.30
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S30 Vulkan 0.14-0.5 70-40 S-110 0.014/0.017 0.35/0.40
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S40 Vulkan 0.4-0.8 40-25 S-170 0.02 0.50
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S50 Vulkan 0.6-1.0 30-20 S-230/280 0.023/0.028 0.60/0.70
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S60 Vulkan 0.7-1.25 25-18 S-330 0.032/0.035 0.80/0.90
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S100 Vulkan 1.00-1.40 18-16 S-390 0.041 1.00
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S150 Vulkan 1.25-1.7 16-14 S-460 0.047 1.20
 BlastOne Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S200 Vulkan 1.4-2.0 14-12 S-550/660 0.054/0.062 1.40/1.60

 BlastOne Steel Abrasives Company Stainless Steel Shot Chronital S-300 Vulkan

1.7-3.0 10-8 S-780 0.08 2.00