Steel Shot


  • Steel shot abrasive – manufactured hypereutectoid, metal spheres used in airless centrifugal wheel blast machines to clean foundry castings, surface polishing and shot peening
  • Also used in portable trackblast airless wheel blast machines for concrete floor preparation, blasting ship decks and profiling
  • Quality Steel Shot is very long lasting
  • Cast Steel Shot Abrasive can be recycled many times
  • Hardness: 40-50 HRc
  • Special, Stainless Steel Shot and High Hardness, Milspec (Military Specification Peening Steel Shot) specification shots available
  • Manufactured to conform to: SAE J444, SAE J827, SFSA 20-66
  • Packed in 50 lb. bags on 2000 lb. pallets, 2000 lb. drums, or bulk bags


Steel Shot is predominantly used in wheel blasting machines to remove millscale, peen surfaces or prep steel for coating.  In the foundry industry airless wheel blast machines like those made by wheelabrator are used to clean foundry castings and for surface finishing to impart a more polished surface to metallic objects. Also found in preservation lines in Steel Mills to remove milscale before applying a shop-primer.

Standard Steel Shot is GS Hardness which falls within 40-51 HRc (Rockwell Hardness).
Harder Steel shot is available for special applications, but you will need to call us for more details.

The industry Standard is SAE J827 which lists the allowable & of deformities in a defined sample of shot. Such deformities, in excess of this % reduce the durability and increase operating cost.

When shot peeing, it is critical and essential to actually create a dent in the surface, this means that the steel shot must be spherical. it is critical that you choose the right grade of steel shot, to ensure you get consistent and repeatable shot peening results.

Available Grades:

  • S70    0.0070″ – 0.0165″   (0.180 – 0.425mm)
  • S110   0.0117″ – 0.0234″ (0.300 – 0.600mm)
  • S170   0.0165″ – 0.0331″ (0.425 – 0.085mm)
  • S230   0.0234″ – 0.0394″ (0.600 – 1.000mm)
  • S280   0.0278″ – 0.0469″ (0.710 – 1.180mm)
  • S330   0.0331″ – 0.0555″ (0.850 – 1.400mm)
  • S390   0.0394″ – 0.0661″ (1.000 – 1.700mm)
  • S460   0.0469″ – 0.0787″ (1.180 – 2.000mm)
  • S550   0.0555″ – 0.0787″ (1.400 – 2.000mm)
  • S660   0.0661″ – 0.0937″ (1.700 – 2.360mm)
  • S780   0.0787″ – 0.1110″ (2.000 – 2.800mm)


Additional information

Shot Size

S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460

Skid Size

2000lb drum, 50lb bag, 50lb bag on 2000lb skid

Document Downloads

Ervin Amasteel Steel Grit Shot Safety Data Sheet


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