Temporary Modular Blast Facility

  • Permanent or temporary mounting systems
  • Ideal for setting up temporary blasting/painting facilities
  • Supplied in modular kit for simple, quick installation (under a week)
  • Fully relocatable — easy to install and dismantle
  • 100% Waterproof design
  • Wind rating as per local requirements
  • No concrete foundation necessary
  • Compatible with optional abrasive recovery and dust collection equipment

Temporary Modular Blast Facility

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This Blast room is designed to be a semi-permanent solution for those who need to conduct sandblasting operations in a large, controlled environment, regardless of climate conditions. These booths are 100% water-proof and can be built to withstand winds of up to 190mph (300km/h).

Typical lifespan for these types of booths range from 5-8 years, though some 15 year+ installations remain in use to date. The structure is designed to be easily dismantled, relocated, and assembled as needed. A fully functional booth can be built start-to-finish within a week.

Many booths feature a simple scoop abrasive recovery system as its solution for grit recycling. These booths can accommodate multiple blasters at a time, blasting multiple shifts a day. The booth comes in various sizes, making it fit most sandblasting applications.

Temporary Dome Shelter Blast rooms tend to be massive, some measuring longer than 500 ft. Thanks to its modular design, there are no real limits in how large it can be. However large an area of sandblasting operations, this blast booth can be configured to contain it and keep you blasting in all types of weather.

Due to its structural design and the materials used to construct, this booth is a far more economical option than building a weather-proofed conventional blast room of the same scale.