Temporary Outdoor Job-site Modular Sandblasting Facilities


  • Permanent or temporary mounting systems
  • Ideal for setting up temporary blasting and painting facilities
  • Supplied in modular kit form for simple and quick installation often mounted on top of two side-by-side shipping containers
  • Fully relocatable easy to install and dismantle
  • 100% waterproof approximately 90% sun blockout
  • Wind rated up to 190mph (300km/h) plus
  • Can be built on dirt or gravel; does not require a concrete foundation or knee wall
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with abrasive recovery and dust collection equipment


BlastOne temporary sandblasting facilities are the ideal solution for on-site or extra large blasting projects that need to be completed on time and on budget. They are easy to implement and maintain and remain relocatable and de-mountable ready for the next time once the job is done.

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