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Vacuum loading a bulk blast pot

Safety should always be the highest priority on any job site.  It should be higher than productivity, higher than efficiency.  In situations where bulk blasters are employed, a common issue is safely loading abrasive into the pot.  Abrasive bulk bags are several thousand pounds, and are quite dangerous to simply hoist and suspend.  For companies that do not have a bulk bag rack atop their mega blasters, the safest solution to fill the pot is vacuum loading.

BlastOne’s Vacuload 1 is a powerful and practical tool to safely load abrasive without endangering any workers.

What is Needed:

  • Vacuload 1
  • Hosing
  • Drop-Out Lid for abrasive loading port
  • Bulk Pickup Tool (optional – to prevent hose from getting clogged)

Abrasive is vacuumed from the bulk bag through the long stem of the drop-out lid.  The weighted abrasive drops into the pot while dust, fine particles, and the air continues through the return port to the Vacuload.  Air is released through the exhaust muffler while the dust and fines are collected for disposal.

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