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BlasterAll Premium Leather Blasting Gloves

BlastOne BlasterAll Blasting Gloves feature:

  • Leather exterior for good abrasion resistance
  • ANSI Cut Level 4 Kevlar lining and 7 inch gauntlet provides extra protection for hand and forearm
  • Stylish & Comfortable design
  • Touch-screen finger tips allows answering mobile devices without removing the gloves
  • Extended size selection from X-Small to 2X-Large
  • Coordinates with BlastOne BlasterAll Coveralls available here

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Comfortable and durable gloves, intended to protect against common chemicals.

  • Nitrile unsupported type, no latex
  • Extended gauntlet – 13 inches long overall
  • EN374 Type A Chemical Resistance – See Solvex column on the chemical chart under Documents tab for a list of what these protect against.
  • ANSI Level 4 abrasion resistant
  • Flock-lined and extremely versatile
  • Sold by the Pair with discounts available for dozens and cases

MPN:  37-175

Mastergrip Blue-Dip Latex Knit Gloves

  • Polyester knit lining w/ribbed sleeves
  • Palms are Microfoam treated latex
  • Breathable mesh fabric back
  • Sold as a Box of 120 Pairs
  • Construction, masonry, tile installation, and roofing are common applications for these.

Goat Skin Leather Driver Gloves

Step up your hand protection with our Goat Skin Leather Driver Gloves, SKU: P-NA206. Combining value and durability, these unlined gloves offer sleek comfort and superior flexibility for everyday wear.

  • Available in sizes S to XXL.
  • Sold by the pair.
  • Quantity and bulk discounts available.

Perfect for those seeking durable, yet comfortable work gloves.

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Bullard Heavy Duty Blast Gloves

Experience safety and comfort with the Bullard Heavy Duty unlined leather Blast Gloves. Crafted using resilient Kevlar thread, these gloves are a fortress for your hands.

  • Extra-long 8-inch cuff: Maximum forearm protection
  • Kevlar thread construction: Exceptional strength and durability
  • Reinforced cowhide palm: Enhanced grip and resilience
  • Pre-curved fingers: Optimal hand mobility
  • Available in sizes Medium – XX-Large
  • Sold by the pair or in a pack of 6

BlasterAll® Premium Rigger Gloves

The latest member of our BlasterAll® family of products is our new Rigger gloves.  It’s styled like the original BlasterAll® blasting gloves, but without the extended gauntlet for more convenient every day use. Features include:

  • Leather exterior for good abrasion resistance
  • Extended cut resistance with Cut Level 5 Kevlar® lining 
  • Stylish & Comfortable design 
  • Touch-screen finger tip on index finger
  • Extended size selection from X-Small to 2XL-Large 

Nitrishield Disposable Gloves

This nitrile glove delivers excellent grip for most wet and greasy surfaces, suitable for applications involving contact with oils, cleaners, etc.  It has the following specifications:

  • 6 mil thickness, 9.5 inches long
  • Embossed internal grip provides extra traction
  • Fish-scale pattern grip
  • Powder free
  • Latex free
  • Touchscreen compatible

Packed in box quantity of 100 ambidextrous gloves (50 pair).

Grey Suede Leather Work Gloves

One size fits all general purpose leather work glove.

  • Generous length gauntlet for lower arm protection
  • Abrasive resistant threads provides longer life than normal ‘welding gloves’
  • Tough, suede finish provides additional gripping power
  • Available by the pair with discounts in dozen and case (5 dozen) quantities.
  • Also see BlastOne’s new BlasterAll Premium Leather Blasting Gloves

Interested in volume pricing? Chat or call us – we’re real people and are happy to help!

White Laminated Chemical / Solvent Resistant Glove

This glove delivers superior chemical resistance (including to MEK) and has the following specifications:

  • 5-layer LLDPE laminated film, giving protection to solvents, chemicals, and microbes.
  • Very thin – 2.4 mils – often worn with another glove on top to provide greater mechanical protection.
  • Effective protection against the largest number of chemicals. See Documents tab for specific chemical protection chart.

Packaged 1 pair per pack with 72 pairs per case. Correct sizing will provide the greatest protection with these gloves.

Butyl Polymer Chemical / Solvent Resistant Glove

This glove delivers superior chemical resistance (including to MEK) and offers good dexterity and comfort. It has the following specifications:

  • Thinnest butyl glove we offer, delivering enhanced comfort
  • ANSI 3 Abrasion Resistance rating
  • Latex free
  • Roughened hand-surface for improved gripping power
  • Effective protection against highly aggressive chemicals, including aldehydes, ketones, and esters. See Documents tab for specific chemical protection chart.

Priced per pair,  with 36 pairs per case.

General Purpose Knit Gloves w/ Microfoam Nitrile Palm

This knit glove is an excellent general purpose glove with good dexterity and grip. It has the following specifications:

  • ANSI cut level 1
  • NBR foam finish
  • 15 gauge gray Nylon / Spandex knit construction
  • Black palm dip

Priced by the pair, with quantity discounts available in dozen pair packs and also in 10 dozen cases.

Thickster Disposable Gloves

This ultra thick glove features:

  • 14 mil thickness, 12 inches long
  • Fully textured for better grip
  • Beaded cuff to ease donning
  • Powder free

Packed in box quantity of 50 ambidextrous gloves (25 pairs).

Neoprene / Rubber Chemical-Resistant Glove, Yellow / Blue

This two-toned glove is constructed of neoprene and rubber, and is double dipped for added protection. It has the following specifications:

  • 27 mil thickness – medium weight for greater protection against mechanical hazards
  • Cotton Flock lined for sweat absorption
  • Diamond-pattern finish for improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Intended for plant maintenance, janitorial use, and general chemical handling. See Documents tab for chemical protection chart.

Priced by the pair, with dozen and case quantity discounts available.

Cut Resistant Knit Gloves w/ Microfoam Nitrile Palm

This all-purpose knit glove offers excellent cut resistance with good dexterity and grip. It has the following specifications:

  • ANSI cut level A6
  • NBR foam finish
  • 13 gauge gray HPPE (Steel / Nylon / Spandex / Polyester) knit construction
  • Black palm dip

Priced by the pair, with quantity discounts available in dozen packs and also 10 dozen cases.

High-Vis Safety Gloves, Impact 2, Cut 5 Rating

This safety glove offers robust protection against common hazards and is constructed of breathable 13 gauge HPPE with high-vis TPR rubber backing. It offers the following protections: 

  • Impact. ANSI Level 2
  • Cut. ANSI Level 5 
  • Puncture. ANSI Level 5
  • Abrasion. ANSI  Level 5

It has a Velcro closure and includes reinforced pad between thumb and forefinger for extended durability. 

Leather Fronted Sandblasting Suit Coveralls

  • Heavy-duty leather front for protection of arms and legs, extending coverall life.
  • Strong cotton back for ventilation and comfort in hot climates.
  • Ties at sleeves for adjustable fit, keeping out residue, media, and dust.
  • Optional leather gauntlet gloves for added protection of hands and wrists.
  • Available in six different sizes, from S to 3XL, ensuring a suitable fit for every operator.
  • Press stud closures and Velcro strip fastening for double protection from grit ingress and resistance to damage from steel grit.
  • Compatible with Nova3 blast helmets and blast capes (HLNV3752 or HLNV3753) for full leather front protection.
  • Designed to meet the most stringent government guidelines.
  • Tough cowhide covers ensure protection, while strong cotton back enables suit to ventilate for comfort in hot climates.
  • Leather fronted sandblasting suits guarantee protection from harmful abrasive ricochet and momentary direct impact.
  • Heavy-duty half leather fronted abrasive blasting suit (leather front extends from the waist down).
  • Comfortable ‘breathable’ cotton back.
  • Adjustable wrist and ankle straps.
  • Front press stud and Velcro strip fastening.
  • Most commonly used when blasting with steel grit media.
  • Sold individually.

Trelawny Heavy Duty Needle Scaler

  • Trelawny Needle Scalers for rust, scale and paint removal
  • Heavy Duty, High Quality Hand Tools
  • Pneumatic Operation
  • Preferred option for Low Vibration, someone can work for twice as long with Low Vibration
  • Come with a different quantity of needles, the more needles the more work you get done.
  • Pistol Grip vs Inline based on where you are working, most contractors use 5:1 Pistol Grip
  • Sold Individually
  • Genuine Parts – Manufactured by Trelawny

RPB / GVS Spray Hood Replacement Lenses

Easy Tear-away protection for RPB Spray Hood Respirator lenses.

Available options as follows:

  • Single Tear-away lenses.  These are the most economical versions for standard industrial coatings applications.  These options comes in the following configurations:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version designed for the legacy T100 model, but which will work on all RPB spray hoods that do not have the optional in-helmet light.
  • Cassette Lens system.  These are premium versions, designed for maximum clarity and convenience.  On time-critical spray projects, cassette lenses save valuable time by eliminating the need to stop and change lenses. These come 7 lenses per set, with 10 sets per pack as follows:
    • Full length for all T-Links and for T200’s with full-length capes.
    • Shorter version for T200’s with face seal or any version not using the optional in-helmet light.

NOTE – the shorter versions will not cover the bottom of the lens area on the T200/T-Link full hoods, and should not be used when the optional light is used on the T-Link.

G3 Trigger Deadman Parts: Upper handle grip

When your G3 Trigger Deadman system needs refreshed, we have the replacement parts you need.  This is the upper portion of the base grip handle, including the top rail piece.

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Easy to install on the Schmidt G3 Trigger-Style Deadman Control
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • DM227000001 model number for easy identification

New Blaster PPE Bundle (Nova 3 version)

Buying the gear for a new blaster can be time consuming when you forget some of the most common items needed. BlastOne is proud to offer its New Blaster bundle that packages up the most common items a blaster needs to get them going for the first 6 weeks of blasting. Not only will this bundle provide the peace of mind that your blaster is operating in full comfort and safety, but you’ll save over $300 otherwise spent ordering these critical items separately!

This bundle includes the following:

  • Nova 3 Blast Helmet with C40 Respirator & standard 28″ cape
  • 6 weeks worth of Lenses: 10 safety inner and 40 cassette replacement (total 250 lenses)
  • 50′ Breathing Air hose (connects respirator to filter)
  • Premium BlasterAll Blasting Coveralls
  • Premium BlasterAll leather blasting gloves with Kevlar protection
  • Helmet Carry Bag (Holds your helmet and has handy compartments for spare lenses
  • And more!

The Item Size field signifies the size of blast suit and gloves included in the bundle, i.e., selecting New Blaster Bundle – 2XL will include an XXL blast suit and gloves.

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