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Spray Painting System: Daily Component Checklist

P1 Air Compressor
• Fully maintained and serviced
• Capable of 125psi discharge pressure
• Positioned upwind and away from working area
• High volume of breathing air quality if separate dedicated compressor not used
• High temperature safety cut out
• Oil and particulate filter separator
P2 Paint Air Supply Hose
• Large bore hose
• Large connector fittings with whipchecks and/
or safety chains installed
P3 Paint Pump
• Fully maintained and serviced on a regular basis
• Check and top up throat seal liquid daily
• Completely cleaned immediately after
each operation
• Keep pump ‘wet’ at all times – leave solvent in
pump after use, for long storage periods, use
Diesel, Kerosine or Pump Armor
P4 Paint Line
• Rated pressure must be greater than maximum rated pressure of pump and undamaged
P5 Paint Line Whip Hose
• Rated pressure must be greater than maximum rated pressure of pump and undamaged
P6 Spray Gun
• Check Spray Gun is clean and fully operational
(clean with thinners, etc.)
• Ensure Tip Guard is in place
• Ensure correct tip size is used for product being applied
• Ensure gun rated pressure is above pump rated pressure
P7 Reversible Air Drill and Mixer/Stirrer
• Ensure Air Drill is in good working order
• Mixer/Stirrer is clean and free from contaminants
• For 2 component coatings –
2 Air Drills and Mixer/Stirrers required
P8 Drum(s) for Mixing Paint
• Clean straight sided tin(s) for mixing paint
P9 Painter’s Tool Box
• Contains spares, tools, gloves for mixing, brushes, fittings, etc
P10 Extra Drum
• Disposal drum for waste paint and used Thinner residue
P11 Bag of Rags
• These are a must for general use and any spills or leaks
S1 Breathing Air Source
• Checked and maintained on a regular basis
• Located in a clean air atmosphere, upwind and away from the blast area and engine exhaust fumes
• Approved air compressor or dedicated breathing air compressor or air pump or bottled breathing air or other approved supply
S2 Breathing Air Filter
• Cartridges require regular programmed replacement
• Cartridges require regular programmed replacement
S3 Carbon Monoxide Monitor or Converter Monitor
• Checked, tested and calibrated on a routine basis
• Samples air and safeguards against toxic, carbon monoxide gas
• Ensures carbon monoxide level is below 10ppm (11 milligram/m³) as per AS1715
S4 Breathing Air Line
• Fitted with threaded screw-type connector or AS 1715 approved ‘Safety Type’ coupling with two distinct actions required for disconnection
• AS Standard approved and marked
S5 Climate Control Tube
• Air temperature control within 15°C – 25°C range for operator comfort
• Complies with requirements of AS 1715
S6 Blast Helmet (Respirator)
• Inspected and maintained for wear and tear to the cape, collar, head gear and visor as per AS 1715 requirements
• Inner lens in place for impact protection
• Supplied with minimum 170 liters/minute breathing quality air as per AS 1715
• Air quality regularly tested and test records maintained as per AS 1715 requirements to check the following levels of contaminants:
Oil below 1 milligram/m³,
Carbon Monoxide below 10 ppm (11 milligrams/m³),
Carbon Dioxide below 800 ppm (1400 milligrams/m³),
Oxygen between 19.5 and 22.0%
• Issued on an exclusive use basis (or shared use only with an AS 1715 approved programme for extensive and stringent cleaning, disinfecting, and recording)
• Earplugs and/or earmuffs essential for hearing protection
• Optional communication equipment
• Optional blast light illumination kit
S7 Other Protective Clothing
• Leather gloves/gauntlets
• Blast suit/protective overalls
• Safety footwear
S8 Work Hazards
Check, control and eliminate wherever possible:
• Physical dangers – tripping, falling, crushing
• Toxic substances e.g. lead, arsenic, cyanide, heavy metals, chromates, free silica, etc. present either in the abrasive, the coating, the substrate or the environment

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Spray Painting System: Daily Component Checklist

DISCLAIMER: The above information is only a guide and does not represent nor claim to be either a full or complete or accurate nor an approved or standard method of checking blast cleaning equipment or components. It is the responsibility of the reader and/or users of this information to separately determine and verify each and/or any guideline, regulations, tests, checks, etc. for equipment and/or setup as directed or indicated or required in or by any work specifications and/or standards. Blast-One™ expressly disclaims any liability for the use or misuse of the above information.

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