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Avoid These Problems When Renting A Blast Pot

When renting a 6.5 blast pot (or any pot for that matter), this insight may save you from losing money and suffering a major headache!

Because BlastOne has an extensive rental fleet and we understand the surface preparation business so well, we are well-versed in knowing exactly what ancillary equipment is needed with each rental item. And we strive to make sure you have these items covered.

For example – when renting a 6.5 blast pot from us, we ask specific questions to make sure you have all the necessary items to start blasting as soon as the pot is delivered to your jobsite. Missing items will halt production, cost you money, and cause unnecessary headaches.

But what if you’re not renting from us?

Well, this certainly may be the case, and so we thought we’d create an insight to remind you of the additional items most people forget when renting a 6.5 blast pot.

Top Items Forgotten When Renting A Blast Pot

If you’re renting a Blast Pot and a Dryer, you actually need to rent 2 Bull Hoses. Two Bull Air Supply Hoses. As you need one from the Compressor to your Air Dryer, and then one from you Air Dryer to your Blast Pot.


  • the ¾ inch or 1 inch supply line from your compressor to your Breathing Air Filter.
  • It’s often common to forget the Breathing Air Filter itself. Some people assume they can run their Air straight off the Compressor, which is untrue and dangerous.

MINOR ITEMS – Most places don’t include these with the rental pot and so you may need to purchase them separately.

  • Safety Checks
    • Whip Checks
    • Lock pins
    • Gaskets

BLAST LIGHTS – helpful to see what you’re blasting.

COMMON PPE – These ensure your Operators are protected and ready to go, without delay.

  • Helmet Lenses
  • Coveralls
  • Gloves

Video:  Daily Checklist Walk-Thru

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DOWNLOAD:  Pdf  Daily Component Checklist

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