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The Benefits of Bulk Blast Pots


Besides safety, the number one concern any professional blasting company should have concerning their blast pot is – does the pot foster or hinder productivity?

Does it keep pressure?
Does it meter abrasive correctly?
Does it help the crew blast longer?

Think of your pot like an automobile – one needed to transport your entire work crew to a location 1,000 miles away. Is your first choice to pick the smallest car possible? Of course not. It’d be helpful if the car was large enough to transport your whole team, otherwise, you’ll need multiple cars.

Second… what’s the gas mileage and tank size? Would you prefer a fast, reliable vehicle that can drive all day? Or one that needs to stop for gas refills every couple hours?

Which leads us back to blast pots.

Small blast pots on large projects hinder productivity. Even if you have a personal pot for each blaster, these pots empty quickly and need to be refilled. And over 30 years’ experience on jobsites has shown us, that nearly every time a blast pot gets refilled, a cigarette break follows or some diversion that takes 10-15 minutes off your blast schedule. The more refills, the less time working. Does that sound familiar?
That’s why companies that are serious about productivity incorporate bulk pots into large projects.

We call these MegaBlasters.

  • Megablasters are built for continuous high production use.
  • They hold enough abrasive for 4 operators to blast all day without stopping to refill.
  • They reduce abrasive consumption by 20% and increase blasting production by 30%.
  • Our 160 cu ft Megablaster holds up to 8 tons of slag and up to 10 tons of garnet.
  • MegaBlasters are also built for 150 psi working pressure. Which means you can crank up your pressure to ensure you have 110-120psi at the blast nozzle while using long lengths of hose.
  • Because remember the golden rule… Every 1 psi above 100 psi equals a 1.5% productivity increase.

And here’s the best part of all. You don’t have to buy one of these bulk pots to enjoy their benefits… BlastOne has a rental fleet that can be delivered to your jobsite for you to try them on your next big project.

So if you’re serious about productivity, why not use a vehicle that helps drive your profits upward?


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