Schmidt® Bulk AmphiBlast™



The Schmidt Bulk AmphiBlast™ combines the features of a MegaBlaster and dustless vapour abrasive blasting, and is the latest in technology and efficiency. The Bulk AmphiBlast™ has a super large capacity that allows up to 4 blasters to blast for up to 8 hours each without stopping to refill the blast pot.  Furthermore, each blaster can choose independently if they want to dry blast, mist blast (slurry), SoftwashTM or blow down.

Schmidt® Bulk AmphiBlast™

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Built for continuous high production use, contractors swear by their money-saving features. You can have for independent operators  – two on the outside of a tank wet blasting and 2 on the inside of the tank dry blasting! At the heart of the abrasive control system is the robust Schmidt Thompson® Valve II, used globally for nearly two decades and capable of metering a wide range of coarse or fine abrasives in the AmphiBlast™ system. Dry blasting with the AmphiBlast™ features the same productivity gains and safety advantages found only in Schmidt systems. When wet blasting, operators can set and immediately see any change in water flow by using the gauge readout. This allows the operator to dial in and consistently repeat the water flow for minimal water consumption, maximum productivity, minimum abrasive use, or any other preference. Operating Modes

  • Wet Blast
  • Dry Blast
  • SoftwashTM
  • Blow Down

The four outlets can be controlled to allow operators to dry blast, mist blast, SoftwashTM or blowdown independently Features

  • Multiple Operators – up to 4 operators per blast machine
  • Skid or Trailer mounted
  • Highest level of productivity
  • 4 independent modes
  • Greater abrasive capacity for increased productivity
  • Unique softwash feature automatically lowers blast air pressure and increases water flow for an effective, gentle rinse
  • The HALOK® system mechanically requires the operator to follow proper procedure in order to open the 10″ closure
  • The CENTM blowdown system reduces blowdown noise levels to approximately 92 dba (equivalent to traffic noise) and prevents frost buildup, which has been reported to retain dangerous pressure in the vessel
  • The Ergo-Ladder is a curved ladder with non-slip rungs, grab handle, and attachment point for fall protection systems. It makes for easier, safer and more comfortable access to the 10″ closure
  • The Manway Stay Bracket automatically retains the manway cover for easier, error-free installation

Pot Capacity

  • 120 cu ft / 3400 liters

Abrasive Capacity

  • Garnet – 18000 lbs / 8.2 ton
  • Slag – 12000 lbs / 6 ton


  • Height –  115 in / 2920 mm
  • Length – 108 in / 2743 mm
  • Width – 76 in / 1930mm (146” / 3708 mm with bag rack)
  • Weight – 2,920 lbs (empty)
  • Water usage – 1 Pint per minute
  • Water Tank not included – Uses standalone water tank