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Cost of Garnet abrasive

This is the perception of course, because garnet abrasive is up to 6 times the price of Slag abrasive media. In fact, the abrasive cost has very little relationship with the finished cost of the project. Unfortunately, abrasive cost alone assumes all abrasives perform the same. The following diagram illustrates how spending more on a high performance Garnet Abrasive means you end up spending less on all the other costs in a project, ultimately providing a lower overall project cost.

Abrasive Media Selection Guide

Knowing the facts

The US Navy developed an accurate costing formula which is based on the fact that the true cost of any blasting operation is the finished cost per square foot. This allows them to accurately cost projects and compare abrasive performances at any of their Naval Dockyards.
Based on US Navy Cost Formula

True cost per square foot = A (B+C) + D + E / X

A = Abrasive consumed per nozzle per hour (in pounds)
B = Abrasive cost delivered per pound
C = Clean up and disposal costs per pound
D = Labour cost per nozzle per hour
E = Equipment running cost per nozzle per hour
X = Square feet blast cleaned per nozzle per hour To assist you to calculate your actual blasting costs, we have developed a tool to assist you calculate your true cost of blasting

Cost of Garnet abrasive
Performance over cost

GMA Garnet – making the tough jobs easy

Blast Cost Calculator

Often, when companies are estimating their blasting costs, they consider each line-item cost independent of the others and therefore, seek to minimize each expense – believing that is the best recipe for profitability. Through this reasoning they wrongfully assume that the cheaper the abrasive – the better it is for their overall profitability.

Cheaper abrasive may not be as efficient and thus you’ll need more of it to complete the project. Calculate the true abrasive cost of your next blasting project.

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