DeFelsko® Conductive Rubber Paddle

  • Use with rolling spring electrodes to precisely locate holidays
  • Manufacturer part# HHDPADDLE
  • Made in the USA
  • Note: Accidental contact with the electrode may result in an electric shock. Use with caution

DeFelsko® Conductive Rubber Paddle

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The DeFelsko® Conductive Rubber Paddle, specifically designed to work alongside rolling spring electrodes for the accurate identification of holidays in coated surfaces. Manufactured in the USA and noted for its conductive properties, this rubber paddle aids in the precise location of faults by facilitating a visible spark when a discontinuity is encountered. It’s an essential tool for ensuring the integrity and quality of protective coatings. While utilizing this paddle, it’s important to handle with care due to the risk of electric shock during contact with the electrode. 


  • Compatible with rolling spring electrodes for holiday detection. 
  • Enhances precision in locating discontinuities. 
  • Conductive rubber material enables visible identification of faults. 
  • Important safety note: Risk of electric shock during use. 
  • Usage technique: Use around the circumference of the pipe to locate holidays accurately. 
  • Made in the USA.