PosiTest® HHD Series High Voltage Holiday Detector Kits

PosiTest® HHD Series High Voltage Holiday Detector Kits


The PosiTest® HHD – DeFelsko’s solution for detection of holidays, porosity, pinholes, leaks and other discontinuities in coatings and linings that are more than 10 mils (250 microns) thick.

  • Advanced pulse or continuous DC technology
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Auto voltage calculator based on coating thickness
  • Multiple electrode options with custom availability
  • Long Form Certificate of Calibration included

Available in 4 Kit options as follows:

  • PosiTest HHD Kit (2 versions)
    • Stick-type with Pulsed DC Output
    • 72 Wh Li-ion battery pack with built-in charge indicator
    • Durable Pelican Storm Case
    • 20″ Electrode Rod (or substitute 5″ Electrode, with suffix -S after the part number)
    • Shoulder Strap
    • 25′ earthing cable and smart charger with universal AC voltage input
  • PosiTest HHD Basic Kit (same as above HHD kit except for the following)
    • 36 Wh Li-ion battery pack instead of 72 Wh
    • Hard Shell Case instead of Pelican Case
    • 5″ Electrode Rod
  • (Note – the above HHD instruments can be converted to wand configurations, aiding in testing hard-to-reach areas, by adding the optional HHDWAND Handheld Wand.)
  • PosiTest HHD C Kit
    • Wand-type with Continuous DC Output
    • 18650 Li-ion Batteries (4)
    • Hard Shell Case
    • Extension rod is not required, but available

Several options are available for PosiTest HHD instruments, including:

Note:  For coating thicknesses between 0 and 20 mils (0-500 microns), the PosiTest LPD is recommended.

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PosiTest® HHD Series High Voltage Holiday Detector Kits

$2,995.00 - $3,845.00

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PosiTest® HHD Series High Voltage Holiday Detector Kits


When it comes to flaw detection in coatings, linings, and membranes, the PosiTest HHD Series Kits by Defelsko set the gold standard. Rooted in advanced technology, these kits harness both pulse and continuous DC to detect holidays, porosity, pinholes, leaks, and other discontinuities with unmatched precision. Key Features
  • State-of-the-art flaw detection using pulse or continuous DC
  • Available in versatile designs: stick-type with pulsed DC or compact wand with continuous DC
  • Designed for all-day use: Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Voltage calculator: Auto-calculates the required test voltage based on coating thickness
  • Extensive electrode options: From rolling spring to flat wire brush, with custom sizes available
  • Long Form Certificate of Calibration: Trustworthy and included with every instrument
Experience a quantum leap in inspection technology with PosiTest HHD Series Kits. Each feature has been meticulously crafted, from the robust weatherproof, dustproof, and shockproof enclosure to the bright color LCD, ensuring every inspection is both efficient and effective. Adherence to international standards, including ISO, ASTM, and NACE, ensures the kits meet rigorous quality benchmarks. Moreover, with audible and visual alerts complemented by a strobe light, flaw detection becomes instant and unmistakable. The kit encapsulates power and user-friendliness in one comprehensive package. It comes with a removable Smart lithium-ion battery, a press-and-hold safety trigger, and everything required for immediate testing. It's not just a product; it's a promise of precision.
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