DeFelsko® PosiTector® 6000 Coating Thickness Probe / Advanced Body Kits


The PosiTector® 6000 probe & advanced gage / body kit family – DeFelsko’s premium solution for non-destructive coating thickness measurement on metallic* substrates. The PosiTector 6000 series is the most extensive range of instrument probes that DeFelsko offers – many versions available for many different applications. Further details as follows:

  • Familiar.  The PosiTector Gauge / Body is the tried-and-true platform offering interchangeability with most DeFelsko probes.
  • Versatile.  Checks coating thickness in many applications, including:
    • Single-handed use (integral probes)
    • Cabled probes in various lengths
    • Hot / Rugged applications
    • Very thin to very thick coatings
    • and more!

This page shows Kit / Packages for the Advanced Body with your choice of PosiTector 6000 probe.  (Compare the features of the PosiTector Standard and Advanced Gauges on their separate page.) Other configurations (PosiTector 6000 Probe-only, PosiTector Gage/Body-only and PosiTector Standard Body / Probe packages) are shown on their separate pages.

Probes – not the Gage / Bodies – are factory calibrated and each new probe comes with a Certificate of Calibration.  For field calibration checks, certified or non-certified standards are available separately (see You May Also Like below.)  Contact us for information on probe repairs or probe re-certifications.

*The DeFelsko PosiTector 200 is available for measuring coating thickness on non-metallic substrates.

DeFelsko® PosiTector® 6000 Coating Thickness Probe / Advanced Body Kits


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$1,165.00 - $2,285.00

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The DeFelsko® PosiTector® 6000 Coating Thickness Gage sets the standard for precision in paint thickness measurement. With its advanced technology, it offers quick and accurate readings on a wide range of metal substrates. The gage’s wear-resistant ruby probe tip ensures long-lasting calibration, while its interchangeable platform allows for easy attachment of various PosiTector® probes to a single gage body, enhancing its versatility.

Equipped with USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, the PosiTector® 6000 facilitates seamless data transfer to PosiSoft® PC, Mac, and Smartphone software. It also comes with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST or PTB, conforming to numerous international standards. The enhanced FAST mode enables rapid inspection with over 90 readings per minute, complemented by a range of features designed to simplify the measurement process, including built-in temperature compensation, multiple calibration adjustment options, and an auto-rotating display.

  • Quick, accurate thickness measurements with over 60 readings per minute.
  • Interchangeable probe platform enhances device versatility.
  • Comprehensive connectivity options for easy data transfer and analysis.
  • Conforms to international standards, ensuring global applicability.
  • Features built-in temperature compensation and multiple calibration adjustments.