DeFelsko® PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

DeFelsko® PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge


The PosiTector® 200 – DeFelsko’s solution for measuring coating thicknesses on non-metallic substrates.  Capable and configurable, it has the following highlights:

  • Familiar.  Built on the tried-and-true PosiTector® gauge body platform / interchangeable measurement probe design.
  • Capable.  Three separate probe designs available for the following applications:
    • PRB200B: Polymer coatings on wood, plastic, etc. up to 40 mils
    • PRB200C: Coatings on concrete, fiberglass, etc., from 2-150 mils
    • PRB200D: Thick/soft coatings such as polyurea, etc. from 2-300 mils
  • Configurable.  Available as follows:
    • Probe only.  Use with your existing PosiTector® gauge.
    • Standard PosiTector® package with choice of probe.
    • Advanced PosiTector® package with choice of probe.
    • Note:  All PosiTector® 200 packages come with case, ultrasonic gel, calibration certificate, shims, and more.

Note:  Compare specs and features of the DeFelsko Standard vs Advanced Gage/Bodies on their separate web page.

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

$1,795.00 - $2,970.00

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® 200 Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Sku: P-IND200

This advanced gauge is equipped with responsive transducers and employs a non-destructive ultrasonic technique to provide fast, accurate readings for a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for measuring coating thickness on substrates such as wood, concrete, plastic, and more, conforming to ASTM D6132 and ISO 2808 standards. Featuring a new, larger 2.8" impact-resistant color touchscreen, the PosiTector 200 offers enhanced user experience with quick menu navigation and on-gage help for easy operation. Its durable design includes a weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant IP65-rated enclosure, along with a shock-absorbing protective rubber holster. The ergonomic design with a rubberized grip ensures comfortable use in various environments. The PosiTector 200's interchangeable platform allows for the attachment of a wide range of PosiTector probes, making it a versatile tool for different measurement requirements. The device offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth, facilitating easy data transfer and synchronization with PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software. The PosiTector 200 is available in standard and advanced models, with the advanced models capable of storing up to 250,000 readings in 1,000 batches, featuring graphics mode for detailed analysis, and compliance with SSPC-PA 9 modes. The advanced models also offer a touchscreen keyboard, multiple stored calibration adjustments, and integration capabilities with third-party software, drones, ROVs, PLCs, and robotic devices.
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