DeFelsko® PosiTector® IRT Infrared Thermometer

DeFelsko® PosiTector® IRT Infrared Thermometer


The PosiTector IRT – DeFelsko’s solution for dedicated, non-contact temperature measurement.  It is rich in features, as follows:

  • Familiar.  Built on the tried-and-true PosiTector® platform with the interchangeable probe design.
  • Capable.  Works where conventional sensors cannot, it measures surface temperatures  on moving parts, hard-to-reach areas, and objects whose temperatures are higher than the range of direct-contact sensors.
  • Economical.  When measurement of other climatic conditions is not required, this PosiTector IRT saves money vs. the higher-featured PosiTector DPM IR.
  • Configurable.  Available as follows:
    • Probe-only (use with existing gauge / body)
    • Package with Standard gauge / body
    • Package with Advanced gauge / body

Note:  Each PosiTector package comes complete with probe, protective holster, choice of gage /body, calibration certificate, and more.

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® IRT Infrared Thermometer

$195.00 - $970.00

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DeFelsko® PosiTector® IRT Infrared Thermometer


The DeFelsko® PosiTector® IRT Infrared Thermometer redefines the standards for non-contact temperature measurement. Designed for professionals who demand precision, this device features a button-activated laser pointer that ensures accurate targeting for each measurement. Users can select from seven preset material options for emissivity, set a custom value, or adjust based on a known temperature, enabling tailored accuracy for diverse surfaces. The IRT's innovative Statistics Scan mode provides dynamic updates on average, standard deviation, min/max surface temperature, and the total number of readings, offering a detailed overview of temperature fluctuations at a rate of one reading per second. Enhanced by a 5.7:1 distance to spot ratio, it delivers optimal performance for evaluating large areas without the need for direct contact, preserving the integrity of both the device and the surface being measured.
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