Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet

Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet


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  • Unique!  Dual Outlet for 2 operators, in a short configuration for easy loading.
  • Only 46 inches tall!  Shorter than a standard 6.5 pot.
  • Capacity of 11 cu ft, which equates to 1600lbs of a dense media like premium GMA Garnet
  • Pressure Rating: 150psi
  • TeraValve pressure-hold metering valves

Sold as a Kit which Includes:

  • Blast Pot
  • Pneumatic Deadman Control System comes with 2 sets of 50 feet of control line and handle
  • Choice of inlet fitting in either 4-claw or Spud type. Spud will be supplied unless otherwise noted in Order Comments field.

BLAST HOSE sold separately

Genuine Product – Manufactured by Schmidt® /Axxiom Manufacturing

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Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet



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Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet

Sku: BMS1102TERA

The Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet, SKU BMS1102TERA, is a high-performance abrasive blasting machine that is ideal for industrial use. This machine features a dual-outlet design, allowing you to blast from two nozzles at once. 

Key Features:

  • Dual Outlet Design
  • 11 cubic feet capacity
  • ASME certified pressure vessel
  • Pneumatic or electric remote controls
  • Moisture Separator
  • 55' Twinline control hose

The Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine is perfect for large scale projects, such as shipyards, oil refineries, and bridge maintenance. Its 11 cubic feet capacity allows you to work for extended periods without needing to refill the machine. Additionally, the machine's ASME certified pressure vessel ensures safety during use. The machine also comes equipped with pneumatic remote controls, allowing you to operate the machine from a safe distance. The moisture separator ensures that the abrasive material stays dry, preventing clogs and ensuring optimal performance. The 55' Twinline control hose gives you plenty of range to work from a safe distance while controlling the machine. Investing in the Schmidt® 11cf Blast Machine, Dual Outlet is a wise choice for any industrial facility looking for a high-performance, reliable, and safe abrasive blasting machine.

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