SnakeBite XP Blast Nozzle (w/o Silencer)

SnakeBite XP Blast Nozzle (w/o Silencer)


The SnakeBite XP is the high-performance nozzle used in the highly successful SnakeBite XQ silenced configuration.  As the XP uses a simple bump cap on the end (instead of the silencer), it does not have the noise and thrust reduction of the XQ. It is very fast and exceeds the performance of our hyper nozzle.  Details as follows:

  • Performance:
    • The advanced modeling used when designing this Snakebite XP hyper nozzle has taken blasting performance to a whole new level.  The refined internal geometry coupled with the non-silencing bump-cap produces very fast cleaning speed indeed.
  • Liner:
    • The new internal geometry when combined with the silicon nitride composition extends usable life greatly.
  • Jacket:
    • Anodized aluminum with ergonomic shape makes for a very comfortable grip.
  • Sizes:
    • Available in the following orifice sizes:  6, 7, 8, & 10
    • Overall length varies from 10″ to 13″, depending on orifice size.
  • Thread type:
    • Available in standard 2″ Contractor thread only.  (See You May Also Like nozzle thread adapters below if you want to use with fine thread nozzle holders.)

Note:  Inquire for details about our free trial offer.

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SnakeBite XP Blast Nozzle (w/o Silencer)

$1,874.60 - $2,266.00

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SnakeBite XP Blast Nozzle (w/o Silencer)


Using advanced hypersonic computer modelling, Snakebite uses an improved geometry that produces a more stable jet stream. Reduced jet stream turbulence enables the velocity of abrasive particles to be maintained for a longer distance after the nozzle exit resulting higher energy when the abrasive impacts the work surface and a higher cleaning rate.
  • Improved cleaning rates of up to 25% faster compared to typical nozzles and 10% faster than typical long venturi nozzles
  • Reduced risk of nozzle damage and Improved operator safety
  • Increased service life and nozzle performance
  • Lower risk of operator strain related injury
  • Reduced risk of nozzle damage and Improved operator safety
  • Improved project outcome
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