SnakeBite Flex Blast Nozzle

SnakeBite Flex Blast Nozzle


All the power. Half the size!

  • Up to 16dBA noise reduction
  • Up to 45% less fatigue compared to standard blast nozzles
  • Improved nozzle geometry
  • New technology quick-connect nozzle silencer
  • Durable and lightweight Silicon Nitride nozzle and silencer liner
  • Slimline ergonomic nozzle jacket
  • Standard contractor nozzle inlet thread
  • 2 versions available
    • Standard Pressure Nozzle effective between 90-110 psi
    • Low Pressure (LPS) Nozzle effective between 70-90 psi

Act quick! Limited supply.

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SnakeBite Flex Blast Nozzle

$1,622.25 - $1,802.50

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SnakeBite Flex Blast Nozzle


Blasting in and around tight spaces and corners can be difficult and time consuming. You need a blast nozzle that is small enough to navigate the obstacles but still powerful enough to get the job done as fast as possible. The SnakeBite Flex is a powerful and compact blast nozzle. It offers all the noise and thrust reduction characteristics the SnakeBite family of products offers - and is small enough to blast in hard-to-reach spaces! BLAST EASILY IN TIGHT SPACES Don't be constrained by a nozzle that isn't fit for purpose. Blast those hard-to-reach spaces easily with the SnakeBite Flex. The reduced nozzle thrust allows the operator to easily maneuver the nozzle around obstacles and areas that are difficult to access. THE GO-TO WORKHORSE FOR ALL YOUR BLASTING NEEDS Don't be fooled by the size of the SnakeBite Flex - it packs the necessary punch and gets the job done every time - every where. From blasting around pipes, brackets, hangars or under truck bodies to general steel structures, the Flex is the answer. The SnakeBite family of products provides the following benefits: LOW NOISE REDUCES YOUR RISK OF HEARING LOSS Reduced noise generated by up to 16 dBA - that's equivalent to up to 75% quieter than standard nozzles, and the typical high-pitched screech is now gone. Reduce the risk of operator and bystander hearing-related injuries and increase your ability to comply with workplace noise regulations. BLAST LONGER AND LATER IN NOISE-SENSITIVE AREAS Start blasting operations earlier and finish later with reduced noise impact on noise-sensitive areas. Reduce noise-related exclusion zones in workshops, areas adjacent to blast rooms and site blasting operations. This will provide increased access and flexibility. Reduce or eliminate sound-absorbing barriers when blasting operations are conducted close to noise-sensitive locations. REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY TO OPERATORS Lower nozzle thrust reduces operator strain and increases the ability to control the nozzle - reducing the risk of manual handling-related injuries and injuries related to loss of nozzle control. Importantly, operators will have more energy at the end of the day, improving their quality of life. LOWER NOZZLE THRUST REDUCES OPERATOR FATIGUE The unique design of the nozzle and silencer reduces nozzle thrust by up to 45%. Operators can better maneuver the nozzle across the surface and will be less fatigued over the shift and on an ongoing basis - a key factor allowing high cleaning rates to be achieved throughout the shift and project. Nozzle thrust reduces to that of a nozzle two sizes smaller when the silencer is fitted. Using a #8 SnakeBite Flex blast nozzle with the silencer feels like you're using a standard #6 blast nozzle! EASY TO USE Noise and nozzle thrust reduction occur automatically across a wide range of operating pressures 90-110psi - simply screw on the silencer and away you go! THE SNAKEBITE FAMILY OF BLAST NOZZLES. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE. An entirely new operator experience. They feel different, sound different - and let's face it - they look fantastic! No other nozzle comes close. The ultimate production tools that deliver reduced noise, operator fatigue and improved project outcomes, ticking the box on the key challenges faced by the blasting industry today.
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