Ultra-Tuff Extended Life Silicon Nitride Blast Nozzle

Ultra-Tuff Extended Life Silicon Nitride Blast Nozzle


This general-purpose nozzle was designed for everyday use, only better – it lasts longer and offers greater ease of use!  It features the following:

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  • Performance characteristics:
    • Venturi design provides up to 40% faster production than straight bore versions.
  • Thread type & Orifice Size options:
    • Contractor 2″ (50mm)
    • Fine 1-¼” (32mm)
    • Orifice size options:  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Liner:
    • Silicon nitride, provides longer life and lighter weight than tungsten carbide.
  • Jacket:
    • All-polyurethane – reduces ‘jams’ in metal nozzle holders
    • Shock absorbent, lightweight urethane jacket protects the blast nozzle liner
  • Design:
    • 1″ throat entry on #3 and #4 Contractor thread AND all Fine thread options
    • 1-¼” throat entry on #5, 6, 7, and 8 Contractor threads
  • Additional notes:
    • Approximately half the weight of standard tungsten carbide nozzles.
    • Although the up-front cost is higher than tungsten carbide, the longer life Ultra-Tuff offers same or better total cost of ownership.

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Ultra-Tuff Extended Life Silicon Nitride Blast Nozzle

$233.81 - $405.82

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Ultra-Tuff Extended Life Silicon Nitride Blast Nozzle


The Ultra-Tuff Blast Nozzle is the Contractors choice for industrial blasting. The Ultra-Tuff blast nozzle has double the effective working life of a standard tungsten carbide nozzle. The tuff wrap of urethane on the outside of the nozzle, ensures that the liner doesn't break up when the blaster drops the hose and nozzle, or if they decide to use it as a hammer. The light weight, being half the weight of traditional Tungsten carbide nozzles means your blasters will be less fatigued at the end of a day. From Tungsten Carbide to Polyurethane Coat - there is a Shoot Spout to suit your hardware and application. Having the correct sand blast nozzle for the abrasive blasting activity increases abrasive blasting productivity BlastOne stocks a wide assortment of abrasive blasting nozzles to meet your particular sandblast equipment and abrasive blasting applications A dependable silicon nitride blast nozzle liner gives a harmony between protection from shock or drop damage and liner life. The polyurethane cover decreases likelihood of damage from the blast nozzle being knocked or dropped BlastOne also provides blast nozzles with lines made from tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide and silicon nitride. Remarkable Wear life and Unparalleled blast nozzle performance Long venturi blast nozzles provide approximately 40% more sandblasting performance increase compared to straight bore sand blast nozzles.
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