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The Importance of Changing Your Breathing Air Cartridge

Changing your breathing cartridges prevents damaging your lungs with contaminated air.

How often should you replace your breathing air cartridges?

Recommendations from the filter manufacturers suggest every 3 months or every 400 hours of use.  Whichever come first. Blasters who do not frequently change their breathing air cartridges run the risk of severe illness.


The cartridge’s filters capture contaminated air, oils, moisture and organic vapours.  In time these particulates build up and restrict not only the volumetric clean breathable air to the operator – but should they not be changed, the blaster could be inhaling damaging levels of mold from the dirty filters.

Fresh cartridges supply an unrestricted flow of clean air which provide an additional benefit of keeping the operator’s mind awake and alert – further reducing possible harm while operating dangerous equipment in dangerous environments.

The quality of air we breathe is important in all aspects of life.  Clean air is perhaps even more important than clean food and water. Avoiding breathing contaminated air while blasting by simply replacing your cartridge four times per year

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