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Use of and care for blast helmet – PT 2

BlastOne’s Master Technician, Kerry Cooper, explains the use of and care for a blast helmet

So, when you attach this to your belt or wrap this around your waist which is mandatory, it has the two little Clips here to be able to clip it onto yourself and adjust it accordingly. Just like on an airplane, pull this strap.

So, once you appropriate that around yourself and I’ll just demonstrate that quickly so ensure that you’ve got the builder-pro padded like so.

So, the flat side goes to your belt and you can put it on like this. Grab the two straps, pull them up like so, clip the buckle, pull the strap.

So, then I’ve got a blast helmet, ready to go on my head, and the air conditioner — as we call it is here on the back of me.

So, if I have that exhausting, if I bend down, I can actually have that in just the right spot to shoot air into my body or even worse in a sensitive part of your body. You can actually bend down and you print yourself, impregnate yourself with air.

So, it’s important that if I’m going to bend down, what is it doing? Well, I’ll be honest with you, why would you want to exhaust this air out of here when I want all the air to come up here.

So, by venting that, is of no consequence whatsoever. The only time I would open that is if I was in an awkward spot with the helmet on – “oh I’m getting too much air”, I would then open that. That makes sure it’s shooting out to the side just for that short period of time.

Predominantly, you want that closed because, remember what I said about moisture leaked off, you’ll leak the moisture off up that end. Close this valve if I’m getting too much air, go back to your raid X filter and turn the regulator down. If I’m getting too much air. Does that make sense?

So, instead of having that exhausting and leaving myself open to accidental damage or even worse, death. If you get it in the right place, close the valve, appropriate the air at that end. Ensure that you’ve got sufficient air so that the abrasive and the dust doesn’t come up through the helmet.

This line goes on one way. Attach helmet at this end. Ensure that you do it the appropriate manner so when that you’re finished for the day that all of this is cleaned up and stowed in the appropriate manner.

When I say stowed in the appropriate manner, hang it up. The other aspect of It, of course, is that inside the helmet – underneath the skirt, you’ve got a bib that’s a secures or seals around your neck.

But inside, also, these pads are all demountable. So, what we do with these pads of a night, if you’ve sweated or perspired profusely during the day, give them a wash with warm soapy water and detergent. Rinse them thoroughly. Hang them up to dry. So, tomorrow, when you come in, there’s that not that pungent smell of perspiration in the helmet.

So, everything inside this helmet is demanded. You can wash the whole thing and it’s all about personal care and cleanliness as well.

If you’re sharing the helmet with someone else, you will need to use a disinfectant as well, primarily because, this is foam and it can harbor bacteria. It’s important to have your own helmet for that particular reason.

So, all of these are demountable. Washed. Cleaned. Dried. Repaired or Replaced back into the helmet, ready for the following day.

So, if you look after this, this look after you. So, remember, keep it clean, be careful of the air conditioner, make sure you have it around the right way.

If you want hot air, invert it. Do you want cold air? Invert it again. These particular fittings are spring-loaded and they are a particular feral to suit that fitting.

So, it’s not a common fitting. Why is that? This yellow line is for breathing air only. It has a weird feral based fitting to marry with this particular fitting with a spring-loaded locked.

So, the reason why we make them like that, is so that you can’t get your spray gun plug it in there and go off spraying something or using it for an alternate use. Because you see, this is designed to have the Raid-X filter on it.

If you take this hose and plug it straight in the compressor, you can, as I described earlier, contaminate the internal wall of this particular hose.

So, when unaware, you plug that back in after someone’s used it for spray painting, you expose yourself to any contaminants that might have been pushed into that line from alternate air. So, this goes with this, goes with Raid-X. They all marry up together overnight. Importantly, this is hung up to dry so the other end of it. The male end of this is taken off the Raid-X builder and plugged in so that it can’t get dust, dirt, water impregnating or being left in the lines.

So, it’s clear and clean and dry, ready for use the next day. The Raid-X filter. Also, it’s important to remember because it’s a coalescing filter. You would not leave that in a toxic solvent environment.

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