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Blast Pot Timers Measure True Sandblasting Productivity

Jobsite foremen rely on blast pot timers to accurately track true blasting time

Having visited thousands upon thousands of jobsites over the past 40+ years, there’s one thing we know for sure… Over 90% of jobsite foreman have no accurate assessment of how long their crew actually blasts.   When asked, the most common answer is 6 hours.

And how do they come to this number?  Well, the crew worked a full day including some set-up, then blasting, then pot refills, some breaks, repositioning equipment, lunch, blasting, refills, more blasting, and clean-up… so after an 8 hour day they guestimate  – about 6 hours of blasting.

6 hours is a far higher number than is actually reported when one of these timers is connected to a jobsite pot.  What’s the average time reported when a blast pot timer is installed?

About 3-4 hours. Think about that?  The supervisor is off by 33%-50%.

Consider an athlete wrongly estimating that they are 33-50% faster than they really are?

Consider an investment banker wrongly estimating they are making 33-50% more money than they really are.

Top professionals – the best in the world – don’t guess at their performance.  And with a plug-and-play timer on your jobsite pot you won’t either.

What gets measured, gets managed!

You may have heard a popular adage that says, “Whatever get measured – gets managed.”  Measuring true nozzle time – against sq footage or meters blasted gives you incredible insight into your team’s productivity.  It allows you to set realistic expectations, bid more confidently, and, of course, improving your productivity by even 10% will increase your profitability.

So what could possibly be the down-side of utilizing a blast pot timer?  There’s only one.  Blast crews don’t like management knowing their real blast time.  And that isn’t conspiracy theory, on our part.  We’ve seen these timers sabotaged many, many times.

So here are 3 quick suggestions, to make this timer work for your crew, depending on the team you have in the field:

  1. One customer just told the crew it was an amp meter.  Not knowing what it was truly doing, the workers left it alone.
  2. Other customers make it positive and give incentives, such as…  If we achieve X hours, everyone receives some kind of bonus.
  3. And finally, if the results come in with less nozzle hours than you expected (which they will) – don’t automatically assume the workers are purposely cheating you.  As each day and week wears on, fatigue wears your team out.  Fatigue is real and you’ll see it more at the end of the day and the end of the week.  It’s a drag on your team’s energy and performance. Our recommendation is try our Snakebite nozzles – with 45% less back thrust.  These nozzles not only lower noise up to 75%, they lower fatigue and make it easier to blast longer.  For example,  the SnakeBite Strike is a #10 nozzle that feels like you’re using a #7  but due to the larger orifice, doubles the productivity of a #7 and out-produces a #8 Hyper by 54%.  Check out this video if you’d like to see the proof.

Now… these blast pot timers come in two common styles – electric and pneumatic – can monitor between 1-6 nozzles – and all are quick plug and play.

We can also do custom installs for pots that come to our shop.  Give us a call or find these on our website.


Sand Blasting Warning: Crystalline silica is a known Class 1 Carcinogen. Using Silica Sand as an abrasive blasting media has been identified by OSHA as causing Silicosis (lung condition), leading to severe illness and death. For more information please refer Silica Sand Warning


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