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Mist Blasting Is Superior To Slurry Blasting

Many contractors have tried slurry blasting and considered the experience a nightmare.  The mess, equipment problems, and later clean-up costs proved to be more problematic than what they had bargained for.

In this Primed Insight, we explain what makes the BlastOne MistBlaster so much better than its peers, and why contractors will never again have to recoil at the sound of using water to suppress dust on their jobsites.

Slurry blasting refers to equipment where you mix both water and abrasive in the blast pot to reduce dust while blasting. Think of this as blasting with abrasive soup.

The fundamental improvement with the BlastOne MistBlaster is that the abrasive in the pot stays dry while water vapor is injected into the hose after the abrasive metering valve. In other words, you’re not filling the pot with water.

This design requires much less water consumption than a slurry blaster, with precision metering technology allowing you to dial down water consumption to as little as 1/2 pint per minute. It’s just enough water to capture the dust created by the blast, making it fall to the ground, instead of flying away. This means that a 50-gallon water tank, will last you a whole day’s blasting! Compared to a slurry unit using 250-300 gallons every 6 hrs.

Generally, when blasting with water, you’ll use a rust inhibitor to stop the substrate from flashing. If you can’t control the water and you need to mix 50:1, how much extra rust inhibitor are you wasting without being about to do anything about it?! The stuff isn’t cheap either!

One last point, we’ve had many customers bring their slurry blasters to us to retrofit over to a Mist Blaster because they are far simpler to run, they break down less, and they give the control back to the blaster.

So – no dust, no mess, optimized abrasive/air mix, less clean-up… AND, get this… the Mist Blaster also allows you to easily switch between dry blast, mist blast, blowdown and washdown by simply turning the dial and pushing a button.

How easy and convenient is that?

This thing is amazing and is available for purchase, rent, or as a retrofit kit for your current dry blast pot!


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