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How Wet Is Your Dry Air?


We Think You’d Be Surprised.

Recently one of our Australian teams unintentionally ran an interesting test study.  It was unintentional in the sense that they were actually conducting a demonstration of the Vertidrive blasting robot with a Schmidt Amphiblast.   The system was connected to a 1050 cfm air compressor with aftercooled air which then ran through a 1200 cfm Air Prep.

Most might consider that over-kill as the Australian environment was arid and the compressor was utilizing it’s built in after-cooler (IQ System).

After 30 minutes of testing the Vertidrive, the team grew curious of how much water may have transferred from the compressor and accumulated inside the air prep.  The easiest way to find out?…. Open the valve.

The amount of water was astonishing – and would have caused negative effects had it been blasted onto an actual substrate.

TAKE-AWAY:  Don’t trust your IQ System.  If you’re serious about moisture removal use an air prep!


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