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Mega Max Couplings Stop Pressure Loss


CASE STUDY PROBLEM: Recently a customer invited us onto their jobsite in hopes we might help increase their productivity. We love this challenge, and the first thing we always take a look at after taking a quick walk of the entire system is the pressure at the nozzle. The reason we prioritize pressure is due to this foundational truth:

For every 1 PSI lost, you lose 1.5% productivity.

The inverse is also true.

For every 1 PSI you gain – you’ll increase your productivity 1.5%.

On this particular jobsite they were running long lengths of hose – just over 250 feet. They had 200 feet of 1-1/2” hose, then had a 50ft 1-1/4” whip hose, which all looked ok. So we took pressure readings along the system, at the nozzle and just after the blast pot and discovered they were losing roughly 10 psi over this long run.

10 psi loss = 15% Productivity loss.

So we studied this situation and decided to test if the couplings were causing us any pressure loss… The reason is, that standard couplings have a 1-1/4” internal diameter, which would be creating a restriction every 50ft along the hose.

Pressure leakage
Pressure leaks at standard couplings connecting long run hoses

By simply swapping out the current couplings with MegaMax couplings – which have a 1-3/4” internal diameter – we could keep the air stream at full bore… and the result was we increased the nozzle pressure by 5psi. These different couplings alone offered a 7.5% increase in productivity… and we hadn’t even optimized the rest of the blasting equipment or standard blasting procedures.

Mega Max Couplings
Standard coupling diameter vs Mega Max Coupling

Would you like to understand the impact of increasing your productivity by just 7.5%? Well, in 1 week that is a 3 hour saving of blasting time, which if the cost of blasting is between $250-$300 per hour for a professional industrial contractor, that is a saving of at least $750 each week per blaster… That’s a saving!

A final recap on these mega max couplings. They have a 1-3/4” internal diameter and are suited for 1-1/2 and 2” blast hoses. If you are running over 150-200 feet of hose, we would recommend you upsize your couplings to MegaMax.

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