160 CF Mega MistBlaster Blast Machine, 4-Outlet


Our latest generation Mega MistBlaster offers both wet and dry blasting for the ultimate in flexibility!  It reduces costs and time when doing large projects and offers the following:

  • Versatility.  4 functions available at the flip of a switch:
    • MistBlasting / Wet (slurry) Blasting
    • Traditional Dry Blasting
    • Wash-down mode
    • Blow-off mode
    • Each outlet is independently controlled, giving even greater versatility.
  • Capability.  With its 4 outlets, this workhorse can power up to 4 operators OR a VertiDrive robotic blaster and manual blasting simultaneously.
  • Huge capacity – As typically configured with 160 cubic feet (aka 8 Ton), this bulk pot holds half a truckload of garnet.
  • Mount Options as follows:
    • Highway Trailer
    • Skid Mount
    • Shipping Legs (for mounting on your own equipment)
  • Available Cost Saving Option – We can convert your existing Schmidt® bulk pot with our MistBlaster retrofit package. Available as a Limited version (without metering / air valves, for new pots) or as a Full version (with all valves, for used pots).

More options and features shown under the description tab.

Available for Purchase or Rental. Ask about a demo!

Note:  Designed for use with a 1600 CFM dryer, available here.

160 CF Mega MistBlaster Blast Machine, 4-Outlet


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$122,850.00 - $135,870.00

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  • Designed for Productivity.
    • Supplied with reliable TeraValve® metering valves.
    • Full-flow piping and valves virtually eliminates pressure drop
  • Hour Meters – These are included with our Mega MistBlaster and monitor nozzle time, assisting maintenance management
  • Available Performance Enhancing Options:
    • Bulk Bag Loading Rack – enhances safety while loading
    • Vacuum Loading – saves wait time for cranes where forklift loading of abrasive is prohibited
  • Standard safety features.
    • Halok® closure – impossible to open under pressure
    • CEN muffler – reduces noise AND prevents freeze-up
    • Anti-slip ladder rungs
  • Simple Water Controls.
    • Low Water Consumption
      • As low as 1 pint/minute when MistBlasting
      • Simple Needle valve adjustment
      • Injects water after the metering valve, into the blast hose
    • Full Flow Washdown
      • 2 GPM when in washdown
      • Bypasses MistBlast mode to keep your blast settings