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At my facility one month projects now only take two weeks…

It was standard operating procedure in Catlettsburg to schedule a full month to sand blast and paint any of the facility’s petroleum tanks. Of course, a full month out of service was a lot of foregone production and revenue.

The facility owner advised that the contractor was using industry standard blasting equipment and medium slag abrasive and had been the contractor of choice for the refinery over many years. working on the recommendation of Blast-One the refinery maintenance team and the contractor trialed a new blasting process using high performance blasting equipment, air dryers, efficient blast pots, new nozzles and a new abrasive called GMA SpeedBlast.

The results were astounding.

The maintenance manager commented

Downtime immediately halved — the tank was back online and in use twice as fast.

The blasting was completed inside just two days. What’s more, the contractor used 80% less abrasive then previously used— and produced correspondingly less waste. The total job cost ended up being 60% below budget.

SpeedBlast Slag
Blasting time 2 days 2 weeks
Abrasive used 4 Ton 22 Ton
Job cost 60% less Normal cost
Total downtime 2 Weeks 1 Month
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