Resources & training

Those who know, do
Those that understand, teach

Dedication to improving the industry

BlastOne is dedicated to offering the largest available online industry knowledge and training library. Through years of industry experience BlastOne has witnessed many of the issues faced by blasting and coating professionals on the job today.

BlastOne often find that the same problems are being repeated on project sites, time and again, due to lack of available information on changes to practises within the industry. By offering resources that are accessable any where at any time it is possible to make the most informed buying decision and project related decisions.

Reasons for improving employee knowledge

Receiving ongoing training and for the betterment of existing and new skills is to the benefit of not just the individual but also the employer.

Improve their knowledge and skills
Training gives employees the opportunity to brush up on their skills and refresh task mastery.
Help get them increased confidence
Companies increase their retention rates and don’t have to devote additional resources to train new employees.
Stay up-to-date on products & procedures
Products, services and equipment change on a regular basis, so it’s imperative that employees keep up-to-date.