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Schmidt Halok Retrofit for Bulk Pots

The Safest Bulk Pots In The World

Since 1975 we have tested, reviewed, studied, and even manufactured thousands of pieces of equipment. And this we know for sure: When it comes to blast pots in general, and bulk pots specifically, there is no manufacturer in the world that provides the same level of safety as Schmidt/Axxiom.

The most common scenario in all bulk pot related injuries and fatalities is when someone accidentally opens the top fill-port not realizing the vessel is still pressurized. A fully pressurized bulk pot has roughly 150 psi just waiting to explode out the first opening it can. This scenario has claimed lives in the most violent manner you can imagine. This is nothing to take lightly.
That is why Schmidt has standardized 3 unique safety features on all their bulk pots.

  1. The first is a Controlled Expansion Nozzle (CEN) muffler.  It’s designed to exhaust the air from the pot in a controlled manner that prevents it from freezing.  Standard mufflers can freeze over, and because operators cannot hear the pot exhausting, it can falsely convey the pot is depressurized and safe for them to open.   The CEN prevents this false assumption and allows for safer operating.
  2. The second safety feature is a small ball valve installed near the top fill port that’s the final confirmation the pot is depressurized before opening the lid.
  3. And finally, in 2010 Schmidt/Axxiom made the HALOK® – a 5-lug, cam-lock, failsafe closure a standard feature on all its bulk pots. How is it failsafe? Simply put, an operator cannot remove the HALOK if the vessel is pressurized. Period. Its design literally prevents the opening of the lid if the vessel is pressurized.

Click on this link if you’re interested in learning the
mechanical workings of the HALOK and how it ensures this level of security.

Here’s the big take-away: We do not recommend using any bulk pot without a Halok.

So here’s the good news:

Any bulk pot you purchase or rent from BlastOne will absolutely include all 3 safety features described above, including the Halok.

And here’s the great news:

If you already own a Schmidt/Axxiom bulk pot, but bought it before the Halok was introduced, there is a Halok retrofit kit that we can install on your pot to bring it up to the industry’s safest standards. Unfortunately, this only applies to Schmidt/Axxiom bulk pots, but if you have one and would like to ensure your workers health and safety – BlastOne can install your retrofit kit at any of our fabrication facilities.

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