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The True Cost And Benefits Of Jobsite Work Lights

So, here’s a situation… maybe you’re inside a water tank, working 20 feet up on scaffolding…

…or maybe you’re squeezed tightly inside a bridge tower’s inner cavity cell – a hundred feet down from the bridge above …

…or maybe you’re just deep inside a penstock….  And suddenly…. everything goes black.  Zero visibility.

At this moment, the most important tool on your jobsite – period… just became your lighting.

Lighting is something we often take for granted – not giving too much thought to the quality or brand we’re relying on until it breaks, burns out, or delivers some other problem.

However, if you’re in a construction-based industry – needing reliable, durable, portable, water-proof, and even certified “explosion proof” lighting – you can do no better than Western Tech – which delivers all the above.

Recently, Western Tech’s President, Jim Giese, sat down with Engineering Director, Dr. Michael Kralik, to explain why their lighting is among the safest, most reliable, and most desired lighting within the corrosion-control and construction industries.



  • What does EP lighting Mean?(1:30-1:49)
    • “certified that no explosion can be generated by the light….”
  • Two categories of EP lights – fixed and portable similarities and differences(2:05-3:07)
    • Additionally mentions the toughness of portable lights and environments they withstand
  • Classifications lights are designed for(3:08-4:28)
    • Class 1 Div 1, Class 2 combustible gases and dust, wet location and low voltage
    • Importance of low voltage
  • Operate at a cool temperature range (4:30-5:23)
    • Operates at 60% design capacity
    • Greater longevity
    • Thermistor controlled environment
    • Can be bagged, covered in dust and won’t overheat and cause fire
  • Solving problems with darkness (trust and reliability of lights)(5:40-6:02)
  • Conclusion/Overview(7:22-7:43)


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