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Benefits Of RENTING Industrial Blasting And Painting Equipment

BlastOne has a large range of blasting and painting equipment available for rental.

From all variations and sizes of blast machines… to robotic blasters… to air preps and vacuum systems, dust collectors, spray pumps, blast nozzles, hoses, lights inspection equipment and more. Anything you could need for your upcoming project is available at BlastOne!

A stalled jobsite is expensive

When you find yourself in a bind, with a breakdown or unexpected weather change, we have the fastest industry response times to get you the equipment ASAP.

Renting industrial blast and painting equipment

  • helps you win bids
  • improves your overall productivity
  • puts more profit in their pocket

When To Rent Vs Buy?

General rule of thumb: a good benchmark for when you should crossover from renting to buying is when the equipment will be used at least 60-70% of the time. Until then, especially with specialized and expensive equipment, it’s more to your economic advantage to rent than to buy.

5 benefits our customers gain from leveraging our rental fleet

  1. Mistblasting – renting our mist blasters will help suppress the nuisance dust that oftentimes requires expensive containment. Renting this machine – generally costs 10% of what standard containment set-ups run. Saving you money and hassle.
  2. Maximizing time and manpower – Speaking of dust suppression, this is our Amphiblast 4-operator bulk pot. Let’s say your project involves ground tanks. Renting an Amphiblast will allow you to station 2 blasters inside the tank and 2 more outside the tank – with the outside blasters being able to utilize mistblasting as well. Refilling this pot may be once a day – reducing downtime and maximizing your workers nozzle time.
  3. Paint Pumps – Renting our High Solid Coating paint pumps offer you the opportunity to bid on projects you may not be able to with your current equipment. Renting expands the scope of the work you can offer, without the upfront capital outlay.
  4. Renting our Dust Collectors & Decon Trailers now allows you to bid on Lead removal jobs while keeping your crew safe.
  5. Vacuum blasting – there are many applications for this equipment, but one possibility is to turn a simple overcoating job into a full removal and recoat. Offer the client a more thorough job that’s going to last and make you more money in the process.

Check out our current list of rental equipment.

If you’re interested in learning how to avoid problems when renting a blast pot, you’ll want to watch this video.


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