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Using a Bulk Blasting Unit When Blasting Tank Floors

To save you time in the long run, a bulk blasting unit is great to have. Instead of stopping once every 45 minutes to one hour to refill the blast pot, you are able to blast for hours without stopping the flow and refilling the pot with abrasive.

You will save at least 10 to 20 minutes per hour of blasting, meaning you will increase your blasting time by 17-30%.

You will also see a reduction in moisture problems with the Mega-Blasters since you have to refill the pot less times throughout the day. Each time you fill the blast pot, you allow new moisture filled air to enter the pot.

The Mega-Blasters can also run multiple operators at one time. They can individually operate with the correct valving. In order to make sure you are getting the minimum pressure loss and maximum air flow, you will need to make sure your bulk blasting machine is fitted with Thompson II™ abrasive metering valves and Hi-Flow air valves.