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Why Companies Lose 25% Productivity When Using Multiple Blasters

As a small company, being awarded a large contract is a huge deal. This will lead to more large contracts and growing your company. There is one common mistakes a lot of small companies make when landing big contracts, though. They think all they need to do is increase the amount of blasters for the project, but keeping the same equipment they have been using on their smaller jobs. This can end up costing them a week or more of extra work that could have been avoided.

It is extremely important to have a large blast pot , also known as MegaBlasters , on site for multiple basters working at the same time. If you are using small pots, you are having to fill the pot with new abrasive over and over again, which results in reducing productivity in many ways. Using too small of a pot will create an immense profit loss.

In order to improve efficiency, keeping track of workers down-time is a game changer. For example, if there are four men working with an 8-Ton MegaBlaster, the men would not have to stop to refill the pot during their shift.

MegaBlasters don’t have to be refilled every 30-45 minutes, therefore there are less moisture issues. Some MegaBlasters come with an air dryer already built in, which also can improve productivity by 10-15%.

If you are a small business that is not used to working on these larger projects, make sure you take the time to figure out which size blaster you need in order to be as profitable as possible.