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How Often Should You Change Breathing Air Filters

To illustrate the importance of replacing your breathing air filters, we thought we’d illustrate how they actually work.

  • First, dirty air passes through the pre-filter for removal of oils
  • Next, the air passes through activated alumina for removal of excess moisture
  • Then through activated charcoal to remove organic vapors and contaminants
  • The next layer of felt is a dense particulate filter
  • The filtered air finally passes through wool wadding which further removes particulates
Breathing Air Filter

Here are two dangerous scenarios that can occur when these filters are not changed

  • First, as the particles are collected within the filters a restriction occurs in the volume of air flowing to the operator and it therefore becomes more difficult to breathe comfortably. You’re breathing in less air.
  • And second – if the breathing air cartridge is not changed routinely, operators are likely to be inhaling damaging levels of mold each day.

So how often should you be changing your filter cartridge filter?

Manufacturers recommend replacing your air cartridge every three months or 400 hours of use, whichever comes first.

An easy way to keep track of your filter lifespan is to write the date on the filter after you’ve opened the plastic bag.
The quality of air that the operator breathes is critically important, so to avoid breathing contaminated air, change your breathing filter cartridge at least 4 times each year.


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