SnakeBite Strike #10 Blast Nozzle & Silencer Assembly

  • Highest productivity hand held blast nozzle available
  • Over double the productivity of a #8 high performance blast nozzle with less operator fatigue
  • Half the thrust of other #10 blast nozzles available – Feels like you’re blasting with a #7 nozzle
  • Up to 16dBA noise reduction – That’s 75% quieter!
  • Ideal for blasting acres of steel such as storage tanks, bridges and ship hulls
  • Standard contractor nozzle inlet thread
  • Delivers faster cleaning rates and increased profit by reducing project duration
  • Requires 750cfm compressor

SnakeBite Strike #10 Blast Nozzle & Silencer Assembly

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Productivity of a #10 nozzle has typically been inaccessible for hand-held blasting – and reserved for robotic or automated blast units. Safe hand-held blasting has also typically been limited to a #8 nozzle. This also limits productivity to that of the #8 nozzle. The SnakeBite Strike delivers a step-up to #10 nozzle productivity without the increased nozzle thrust you would expect with other #10 nozzles – in fact it feels like you’re blasting with a #7 nozzle! If you’ve got acres of steel requiring hand-held surface preparation such as tanks, bridge beams or ship hulls – this is the ideal nozzle for you. The world’s quietest blast nozzle is now the most powerful! Benefits Highest Productivity Nozzle in the World Unleash your super power and achieve unparalleled productivity with the SnakeBite Strike. Proven SnakeBite technology delivers faster cleaning rates and increased profit by reducing project duration. Safe, High-Powered Hand-Held Blasting The only #10 nozzle in the market that can be used for hand-held blasting for extended periods of time. Reduced thrust enables blasters to be consistently productive for extended periods of time. Operators experience less fatigue over the shift, over the week, over the project, leading to better project outcomes and employee retention. Importantly operators will have more energy at the end of the day improving their quality of life. About the SnakeBite Family of Blast Nozzles Low Noise Reduces Your Risk of Hearing Loss

  • Reduce noise by up to 16dBA – which is equivalent to up to 75% quieter than standard nozzles
  • Elimination of the typical high-pitched nozzle screech
  • Reduce the risk of operator and bystander hearing-related injuries and increase your ability to comply with workplace noise regulations.

Blast Longer and Later in Noise-Sensitive Areas

  • Start blasting operations earlier and finish later with reduced impact on noise-sensitive areas.
  • Reduce noise-related exclusion zones in workshops, areas adjacent to blast rooms and site blasting operations. This will provide increased access and flexibility.
  • Reduce or eliminate sound-absorbing barriers when blasting operations are conducted close to noise-sensitive locations.

Reduce the Risk of Injury to Operators

  • Lower nozzle thrust reduces operator strain and increases the ability to control the nozzle – reducing the risk of manual handling-related injuries and injuries related to loss of nozzle control.
  • ADDED VALUE! Your operators will go home at the end of each day having increased their production while simultaneously having expended less energy.

Lower Nozzle Thrust Reduces Operator Fatigue

  • The unique design of the nozzle and silencer reduces nozzle thrust by up to 45%. Operators can better maneuver the nozzle across the surface and will be less fatigued over the shift and on an ongoing basis – a key factor allowing high cleaning rates to be achieved throughout the shift and project.
  • Nozzle thrust reduces to that of a nozzle around two sizes smaller when the silencer is fitted.

Easy to Use

  • Noise and nozzle thrust reduction occur automatically across a wide range of operating pressures – 90-110psi – simply screw on the silencer.
  • Slimline ergonomic nozzle jacket design reduces operator hand fatigue

The SnakeBite family of blast nozzles – Experience the Difference.

  • An entirely new operator experience. It feels different, it sounds different – and let’s face it, they look fantastic! No other nozzle comes close.
  • The ultimate production tools that deliver lower noise, lower operator fatigue and improved project outcomes, ticking the box on key challenges faced by the surface preparation industry today.

The below table contains simple measurements that compare a single pass of the Strike with various other nozzles, including a #8 Hyper.

Nozzle Size Single Pass Pattern Height Through Paint Single Pass Pattern Height Through Flash Rust
#6 1.5″  / 3.8cm 2″ / 5.08cm
#7 1.75″ / 4.45cm 2.25″ / 5.715cm
#8 Hyper 2″ / 5.08cm 2.5″ / 6.35cm
#10 2.25″ / 5.715cm 3.0-3.25″ / 7.62-8.255cm
#10 Snakebite Strike 2.5″ / 6.35cm 3.25-3.5″ / 8.255-8.89cm