Schmidt Thompson® II Abrasive Metering Valve

SKU: P-GV2152

When Axxiom released the Thompson 2 valve, the benefits of Pressure-Hold technology were instantly upgraded by improved user experience over the Thompson I valve.  Details as follows:

  • Improved servicability:
    • Body and cylinder are now 2 parts, providing easier removal of sleeve and plunger.
  • Additional Seal protection:
    • Has 3 separate seals (versus the original 1), reducing dust migration and improving durability.
  • Multiple Sleeve choices:
    • In addition to the original Tungsten Carbide and Urethane full-flow options, Axxiom has released additional options that help prevent over-consumption in various applications.
  • Virtual Position Indicator:
    • Simplifies setting of the media flow rate.
  • Cleanout:
    • Full 1″ port directly under the inlet allows cleanout without removing the valve.
  • Size info:
    • Standard 1-¼” (32 mm) inlet thread
    • 4 choices of MNPT piping for pusher-line connection
      • 1″, 1-¼”, 1-½”, and 2″
  • Options:  Make servicing the valve even more convenient with one of the following:

Meter your abrasive efficiently and conveniently with the genuine Axxiom Thompson II valve!

Schmidt Thompson® II Abrasive Metering Valve

SKU: P-GV2152

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Thompson Valve II: The Ultimate Solution for Accurate Abrasive Metering

Are you in search of a reliable and precise abrasive metering valve for your sandblasting equipment? Look no further than the Thompson Valve 2.

The Heart of Sandblasting: Thompson Valve II

The Thompson Valve II, designed by the legendary Bob Thompson, acts as the carburetor for your sandblasting machine. By controlling the flow of abrasive media into the high-pressure air stream, the Thompson Valve II ensures accurate and consistent results. Its innovative design has made it the go-to valve for sandblasting professionals.

Precise Measurement with Virtual Position Indicator (VPI)

The Virtual Position Indicator (VPI) of the Thompson Valve II provides a visual gauge of the valve’s openness. The graduation marks make precise measuring simple, eliminating the need for counting turns of the knob.

Fail-Safe Design for Optimal Safety

This normally closed valve is standard on multiple outlet sandblasting machines and is designed for fail-safe operation, providing optimum safety for the operator. The distinct blue knob also makes it easily recognizable from a distance.

Fast Start/Stop for Spot Blasting

The Thompson Valve II allows for fast and efficient control of the abrasive flow. This is particularly useful for projects that require spot blasting, where only small areas or rust spots need to be removed. The fast start/stop control helps prevent the “dragging” of the blast and any damage to the coating in between.

Abrasive Cut-off and Blowdown Option

For added convenience, a remote abrasive cut-off is available for Thompson Valve II systems. This allows you to stop the flow of abrasive while continuing to blow air only, providing an easy way to clear the abrasive blast hose and blow the blasting area clean of abrasive.