Schmidt Thompson® Metering Valve II XL™ - Extended Life

Schmidt Thompson® Metering Valve II XL™ - Extended Life

SKU: P-GV2153
  • Thompson Metering Valve II lasts up to 10 times longer than any other valve, due to its unique engineering
  • Designed to handle the harshest blasting environments known
  • Will handle up to a 3/4″ blast nozzle
  • Will work with any abrasive, including very fine/dusty abrasives
  • Most rugged and reliable valve for any application
  • Sold Individually
  • Genuine Parts – Made in USA by Schmidt / Axxiom Manufacturing
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Schmidt Thompson® Metering Valve II XL™ - Extended Life

SKU: P-GV2153

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Schmidt Thompson® Metering Valve II XL™ – Extended Life

Sku: P-GV2153

The Schmidt Thompson® Valve II XL™ was specifically designed metering valve to give extended life to the harshest blasting environments available. As an example in the pipe blasting industry, where the operators use Alox or aluminum oxide and are working 24/7, 365 days/year. Typical Valves in that application fail every 3-4 weeks work, the Thompson® Valve II XL™ valve is engineered to perform in that environment, extending life by 6-10x. Some of the unique features of the Thompson® Valve II XL™ which give you longer service life.
  1. The XL Sleeve has an internal wiper to ensure that the dust and abrasive stay in the lower region, and it doesn't migrate into the air chamber or piston, preventing the valve from binding up.
  2. Has a triple seal on the plunger as another precaution to ensure that dust doesn't penetrate the upper chambers of the valve
  3. Engineered to have extra material on the castings in the high wear areas to give extra life
  4. Piston has recess in it that helps keep the spring in alignment all the time and the straighter we keep the spring the faster it can cycle.... a fast cycle will give you longer service life from the metering valve.
Other features include and upgraded clean out plug, with a face seal, straight thread, to enable fast clean outs in the field when you have no special tools. And the signal line is in an easy to reach area to give you access to do maintenance.
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