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16 Day Coating Project Cut Down To Just 6 Days


Terminal: Shell Deer Park
Location: Texas, USA
Object ID: TK A331
Tank Height: 55 ft (17 m)
Tank diameter: 197 ft (60 m)
Coating contractor: Partner Industrial
Total surface coated: 12,293 ft2 (3747 m2)
Type of coatings used: Interseal® 670HS (primer), Interthane® 990 (topcoat)


The meticulous task of tank maintenance has traditionally been executed by paint crews delicately navigating from cherry pickers or gondolas, spraying, brushing, or rolling on anticorrosive coatings. Depending on the tank’s magnitude and the intricacy of the coating, these projects can stretch for up to a month, requiring workers to function at great heights for extended durations.


Nestled in Texas, USA, the Shell Deer Park facility stands as a beacon of industrious achievement, processing a staggering 275,000 bbl/d. Operating round the clock, it thrives on the expertise of its dedicated employees. Amidst this industrious setting, one tank posed a unique challenge: Tank A331. Its location, adjacent to a bustling highway and auto dealership, ruled out the traditional spray paint option.

The solution? A powerful alliance between us, Shell, and Partner Industrial, which brought our groundbreaking 10Q robot to the forefront.


The integration of the 10Q robot ushered in a wave of unparalleled results:

  1. Exponential Efficiency: What would have typically taken 16 days was condensed to a mere 6-day operation. That’s a 10-day reduction, redefining project timelines.
  2. Accelerated Application: The robot averaged 1937 ft2/hr (180 m2/hr) – tripling the coverage rates attainable through customary methods.
  3. Safety Ascended: The times workers spent at precarious heights plummeted by an estimated 75%, enhancing the project’s safety profile.
  4. Precision and Aesthetics: Thanks to the 10Q’s patented spray shielding hood, the tank received an immaculate finish without the usual overspray concerns.
  5. Adaptable Operations: When the weather turned windy, typical operations might have stalled. But our 10Q robot persevered, bringing even more efficiencies to the table.
QLayers - Shell Deer Park 2
QLayers - Shell Deer Park 3


The story of Tank A331 at Shell Deer Park is more than just a successful project. It’s a testament to the potential of innovation in reshaping industry benchmarks. This journey encapsulates our unwavering commitment to “helping clients deliver Faster, Safer, Cleaner solutions.

The work on the tank exceeded expectations for productivity, with a vast area finished in a notably short time. The flexibility to proceed even in challenging wind conditions, a situation that usually halts traditional methods, brings significant value to our operations.  ~Shell

The robot’s efficiency took us by surprise. It’s intuitive, easy to operate, and saved us an estimated 2-3 weeks compared to roller application. We’re eager to deploy this tech in future projects.  ~Partner Industrial

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