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Blast Booth Reclamation Systems: Screw Vs Oscillating Conveyor

Blastroom Recovery Systems – Don’t get Screwed out of productivity

Recently, BlastOne participated in Chicago’s FabTech convention where we displayed our unique underfloor reclamation system. The response was phenomenal. We literally had hundreds of industrial fabricators look at our system and suddenly see a solution to their reoccurring problem.

Most under-floor recovery systems use a screw-style auger to move the collected abrasive out of the blast room, into their recycling system. Essentially, they’re using mechanically driven steel to push a substance that is literally designed to abrade steel.

This design invites a major problem:

The abrasive grit finds its way into the mechanical components and always causes premature failure.

These common failures result in unscheduled shut-downs and costly repairs… so the businesses are penalized with two different expenses. Once the problem is fixed… the system is still vulnerable to the same problem time and time again.  It never truly is fixed.

BlastOne understood the problem. Combining abrasive with moving steel parts is like continually throwing sand in your car engine. No one would recommend that.

Our recommendation is forget the screw conveyor and install an oscillating conveyor; its design gets rid of the problem forever.

BlastOne realizes the key to your success is continual productivity. Our Industrial Solutions division is armed with the very best minds when it comes to the Design, Build, and Support of blast rooms and paint booths.

If you have a need or a problem, give us a call. Superior Products and Superior Know-How is the foundation of our success.


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