Schmidt® 20 cuft Blast Machine – Dual Outlet

Schmidt® 20 cuft Blast Machine – Dual Outlet

  • 20 cu ft Blast pot
  • Excellent for a blastroom application with 2 blasters
  • Dual outlet Thompson Valve II abrasive metering valves
  • Abrasive capacity
    • Garnet 2950 lbs
    • Steel Grit 4900 lbs
  • Comes with two pneumatic deadman handles and two lengths of control hose (Electric Available)
  • Genuine Products – Manufactured by Schmidt to BlastOne specifications

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Schmidt® 20 cuft Blast Machine – Dual Outlet


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Schmidt® 20 cuft Blast Machine – Dual Outlet

Sku: BMS200

The Schmidt® 20 cu ft blast pot is a similar design to the 10 cu ft. The main difference being the capacity, other componentry is the same. This extra capacity means that this blast pot is ideal for multi operator use. Having a large pot volume means it is possible to run longer before needing to depressurize. The capacity of this pot means that 2 operators blast simultaneously and not run out of abrasive too quickly. If you are thinking to install this in a blastroom, you may want to discuss this with us as we have some unique systems that work with these pots, include remote refill system that allow the operators to easily fill the blast pot quickly from inside a blastroom. This abrasive blasting system features the same production-boosting and ease of use features seen on Schmidt's smaller pots... Large hand holes for easy access to the pot interior for maintenance. Piping to minimize pressure loss. Thompson® Valve II metering/deadman control system allows operators to start and stop independently. Thompson Valve II metering/deadman control system also ensures accurate abrasive metering that stays consistent. The Thompson® Valve II is able to be pulled down and rebuilt quickly and easily. Spun rather than pressed base prevents abrasive bridging. Hemispherical pop up allows for a tight seal even if the stem of the pop up is out of alignment. Pop up dome and ring are manufactured from a compound that provides great sealing.
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