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Does Your Blast Nozzle Need to be Replaced?

You can tell there is wear and tear from just removing the nozzle from the nozzle holder There are clear cracks on the nozzle cover
You feel less of a back thrust from the nozzle compared to other days
● There is no whistle sound while blasting
Using a Nozzle Analyzer Gage to check how worn the inside of your nozzle is
If your blast pot is clearing out way faster than usual and if your nozzle has grown in size, you need to replace your blast nozzle!
This is resulting in lower efficiency and using more abrasive. This could actually mean your abrasive is working up to 40% slower.
There might also be an inconsistent flow of air and abrasive.

You could be using up to an extra ton of abrasive in addition to spending more money on compressor fuel that is unnecessary during each working day.
Your profit margin will decrease significantly if you are blasting with a worn nozzle. A worn blast nozzle could also result in safety threats. Checking on your equipment regularly and knowing the suggested lifespan of your nozzles is key in a safe and productive work environment.

BlastOne definitely suggests using a quality blast nozzle. We recommend our Ultra-Tuff blast Nozzle that guarantees 400 hours.