VertiDrive M7 Blasting Robot


RENT or PURCHASE this surface preparation work-horse!

The original M7 VertiDrive.  Bringing improved production to large blasting projects.

  • Faster Production.  Holds 2 nozzles simultaneously and each nozzle is up to 30% faster than the best hand blasting.
  • Cleaner Surface.  Provides consistent blasting quality by adjusting equipment speed to the specific surface needs.
  • Safer.  Remote control operation removes the operator from harms way.
  • Capable.  Blast both horizontal and vertical surfaces with ease. 
  • Versatile.  The M7 can be configured in 3 ways:
    • Abrasive Blasting.  Can blast either wet or dry.
    • Power Wash surface cleaning
    • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) coating removal.

Note:  we recommend that this equipment be used on large, flat surfaces (like tanks or ship hulls) with at least 10,000 square feet to recognize cost savings.  Not all medias can be used with the VertiDrive.

Can be used with existing blast equipment, or BlastOne can provide. Purchase pricing is typically between $125,000 and $204,000, depending on configuration.


BlastOne offers on-site training to help maximize your investment.  Contact us to discuss your specific project and estimate the ROI by using a VertiDrive.

VertiDrive M7 Blasting Robot

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Cost-efficient and timely removal of industrial coatings, corrosion and similar contamination on large steel surfaces like ship hulls and storage tanks is a monumental challenge. On large steel surfaces and structures the VertiDrive M7 is the industry standard when it comes to providing the most comprehensive solution. In tandem with this magnetic robot crawler, site workers are able to operate more safely and efficiently – which ultimately translates to lower costs! The M7 is not simply a blasting robot – it boasts interchangeable applications – such as HP and UHP blasting. Irregular steel surfaces are no match for the M7 blasting robot, which adheres to steel surfaces via powerful permanent magnets. Operator safety is ensured via the M7’s ability to be wirelessly controlled at distance. Compared to it’s cousin – the VertiDrive M3 sand blast robot – this version possesses a narrower wheelbase and smaller working radius, making it the ideal solution for hard-to-navigate spaces. The multidirectional swing arm creates a consistent arc blast pattern at a preset speed and reaches peak operational efficiency when used with GMA Garnet™ Abrasive. This comprehensive robotic blasting solution is available for hire, rental or purchase in Australia, New Zealand and USA.