Regulator Air Pressure Mini 1/4” w/ Gauge

Regulator Air Pressure Mini 1/4” w/ Gauge

  • Used for reduced-pressure blasting of delicate surfaces such as car panels, stone facades, etc.
  • Not recommended for normal production blasting due to inherent flow restrictions. Regulator should be disconnected or by-passed for full pressure blasting
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Regulator Air Pressure Mini 1/4” w/ Gauge



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Regulator Air Pressure Mini 1/4” w/ Gauge


The Mini 1/4'' Air Pressure Regulator with Gauge is specifically designed for applications requiring careful pressure management to protect delicate surfaces during blasting. Perfect for tasks such as automotive panel restoration or intricate stonework, this regulator allows for precise pressure adjustments. It comes equipped with a gauge for accurate monitoring. Note that due to its flow restrictions, this regulator is not suitable for high-pressure production blasting and should be disconnected or bypassed for such applications. Features:
  • Precision Control: Allows for meticulous pressure adjustments to avoid damage on delicate surfaces.
  • Built-in Gauge: Provides real-time pressure readings, ensuring optimal operation.
  • Specialized Use: Ideal for reduced-pressure blasting tasks where precision is crucial.
  • Compatibility: Best used for non-production tasks such as automotive restoration or delicate stonework.
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