Guardian Calibration Kit

Guardian Calibration Kit


Calibration Kit includes:

  • calibration tool
  • regulator
  • Zero Gas
  • 5ppm calibration gas
  • connector
  • tubing
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Guardian Calibration Kit

Sku: APCMF5500

The Guardian Calibration Kit is an indispensable tool designed to calibrate and maintain the accuracy of various sensors. Suitable for a wide range of applications, this kit is especially crucial in environments where precise and reliable sensor readings are critical. This kit includes: 
  • Calibration Tool: Allows for fine adjustments to ensure that your sensors are reading correctly.
  • Regulator: Provides precise control of gas flow during the calibration process.
  • Zero Gas and 5ppm Calibration Gas: These gases are used to calibrate sensors to measure at baseline and test levels, ensuring that they provide accurate readings post-calibration.
  • Connector and Tubing: Ensures a secure and efficient setup during the calibration process.
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