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A superior performance extra quiet blast nozzle, the SnakeBite XQ represents a new-and-improved generation of abrasive blasting.

Experience The Difference.

SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle BNSBXQ
Up to 45% less operator fatigue
“I was annoyed because I thought they still hadn’t started blasting. When I saw the foreman he told me they had been blasting for 30 minutes- I just couldn’t hear the difference!”

“Awesome nozzle, we will be buying more of them for sure!”

“The BlastOne team was great at getting everything delivered on time to the job site and the new nozzles are performing better than we anticipated.”

Blast for longer and later in noise sensitive areas

Reduced noise impact on noise sensitive areas means you can start blasting operations earlier and finish later.

Noise related exclusion zones in workshops and areas adjacent to blast rooms and site blasting operations can be reduced providing increased access and more flexibility.

Reduce or eliminate sound absorbing barriers when blasting operations are conducted close to noise sensitive locations.

SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle and Operator

Lower nozzle Thrust reduces operator fatigue

The unique design of the nozzle and silencer reduces nozzle thrust by up to 45%. Operators can better manoeuvre the nozzle across the surface and will be less fatigued over the shift and on an ongoing basis – a key factor allowing high cleaning rates to be achieved throughout the shift and project.

Nozzle thrust reduces to that of a nozzle two sizes smaller when the silencer is fitted. What size nozzle do you use now? Wouldn’t you rather achieve the productivity of a No. 7 nozzle but feel like you’re holding a No. 5 nozzle?

Lower the risk of hearing related injuries

The Snakebite XQ reduces noise generated by up to 16 dBA – that’s the equivalent of a reduction of between 50-75% of noise pressure emitted by the nozzle, and the typical high pitched nozzle screech is now gone.

Reduce the risk of operator and bystander hearing related injuries and increase your ability to comply with workplace noise regulations.

SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle and Operator
SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle and Operator

Reduce the risk of injury to operators

Lower nozzle thrust reduces operator strain and increases the ability to control the nozzle – key factors in reducing the risk of manual handling related injuries and injuries related to loss of nozzle control.

Importantly operators will have more energy at the end of the day improving their quality of life.

Easy to use

Noise and nozzle thrust reduction occur automatically across a wide range of operating pressures 90-110psi – simply screw on the silencer and away you go.

Silicon Nitride ceramic liner offering excellent wear characteristics and life.

SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle and Operator

Experience Groundbreaking

The SnakeBite XQ delivers benefits to users that are not currently available anywhere else in the market.

Snakebite XQ is available in standard sizes:

Throat Size
SnakeBite XQ




BlastOne provides comprehensive help and support for new users to understand the SnakeBite XQ features including a detailed user operating manual, product trial and demonstration and of course, access to the legendary BlastOne team experience.

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