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SnakeBite Cuts Noise Pollution In Half


With more than 20 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Regional NSW. Hort Enterprises boasts superior surface finishes with the knowledge, the skills and the equipment to get the job done right the first time.

With the launch of BlastOne’s new SnakeBite nozzle, Hort Enterprises wanted to test its efficiency. Together, we hosted a trial comparing a #7 BlastOne Ultra Tuff nozzle to the new SnakeBite XQ #7 nozzle. The trials focused on production rate and noise level. Additionally, abrasive consumption rates were also calculated to showcase overall cost.


  • Minimize overall dB levels

  • Achieve specified surface cleanliness and roughness standards

  • Ability to complete original project deadlines on-time

  • Generate considerable savings in production costs

  • Increase production capacity

  • Reduce abrasive consumption


BlastOne and Hort Enterprises conducted a study to determine whether the SnakeBite would reduce blasting noise without reducing productivity. Blasting a flat panel divided into two sections with a thick 1000 micron coating, here is how the #7 Ultra Tuff compared to the SnakeBite XQ:

Nozzle Nozzle Pressure Test Area Blast Time Blasting Speed Sound Reading
Ultra Tuff 7C Blast Nozzle #7 Ultra Tuff 100 psi 30.25 m2 104 s 10.49 m2/hr 102 dBA
Snakebite Strike blast nozzle SnakeBite XQ*  100 psi 29.67 m2 81 s 13.15 m2/hr 90 dBA
*SnakeBite XQ was used without a silencer while blasting but with silencer during the sound test.
(Equipment used: 6.5 cu ft. Schmidt Pressure Release Pot with Combo & Microvalve, 425 cfm compressors, 1 x 20 m 32mm ID Blast Hose, GMA Speedblast Garnet)
Snakebite Strike blast nozzle
Nozzle #7 Ultra Tuff SnakeBite XQ*
Nozzle Pressure 100 psi 100 psi
Test Area 30.25 m2 29.67 m2
Blast Time 104 s 81 s
Blasting Speed

10.49 m2/hr

13.15 m2/hr

Sound Reading

102 dBA

90 dBA


*SnakeBite XQ was used without a silencer while blasting but with silencer during the sound test.
(Equipment used: 6.5 cu ft. Schmidt Pressure Release Pot with Combo & Microvalve, 425 cfm compressors, 1 x 20 m 32mm ID Blast Hose, GMA Speedblast Garnet)

Unfortunately, at the time, no sound readings were taken from further away, outside of the blast room. The difference in noise is even more obvious when you move further away.

Using the True Cost Abrasive Blasting Formula, we calculated the amount of abrasive used per square metre by each nozzle.

Nozzle Consumption Rate Abrasive Purchase Cost Delivered Abrasive Disposal Cost Labor and Equipment Cost Production Rate Blasting Costs
#7  Ultra Tuff .48 t/hr $918/t $100/t $140/hr 10.49 m2/hr $67.55 per m2
SnakeBite Strike  .48 t/hr $918/t $100/t $140/hr 13.15 m2/hr $54.66 per m2
Nozzle #7 Ultra Tuff SnakeBite Strike
Consumption Rate .48 t/hr .48 t/hr
Abrasive Purchase Cost  $695/t $695/t
Abrasive Disposal Cost $50/t $50/t
Labor and Equipment Cost



Production Rate

55 m2/hr

88 m2/hr

Blasting Costs

$9.23 per m2

$5.77 per m2


Our estimates show that the SnakeBite XQ is not only quieter than the #7 Ultra but it’s high productivity results in $12.89 less abrasive used per square metre. Over 1000 square metres, that is $1,289 back in your pocket!

Blasting speed increased by 25% which is half a day extra of blasting each week.

Sound level was almost halved, which improved the surrounding environment for nearby workers and prevented disrupting workflows. While the SnakeBite XQ was in action, the noise was significantly reduced and a normal conversation (80dBA) could happen during blasting.

The Snakebite XQ is the worlds quietest blast nozzle. Designed and manufactured by BlastOne, this product effectively reduces the noise pollution of blasting by 75% and also reduces the operator fatigue up to 45% due to its low kick-back-thrust design. Truly a game changer for abrasive blasters.

Experience the BENEFITS


The SnakeBite XQ reduces noise generated by up to 16 dBA – that’s equivalent to up to 75% quieter than standard nozzles, and the typical high pitched screech is now gone.


With its reduced noise capabilities, SnakeBite XQ allows other crews to work in the vicinity of blasting, minimizing production disruptions.


The unique design of nozzle and silencer reduces operator fatigue by up to 45%. Operators can better maneuver the nozzle and will be less fatigued over the shift.

The SnakeBite XQ (Extra Quiet) Blast Nozzle

SnakeBite XQ – The World’s Quietest Blast Nozzle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the reduced thrust compromise productivity compared to standard nozzles?

    Productivity of the Flex is comparable with standard nozzles (same size, pressure, media) and the XQ is up to 25% more productive than standard nozzles of the same size.   The reduced nozzle kick-back thrust – up to 45% – can actually increase productivity by reducing operator fatigue and enabling a high rate of productivity to continue throughout the shift…. and the #10 Strike (due to the larger orifice size) can increase hand-held blasting productivity up to 54%.

  • Is 1.25`` hose with a 750cfm compressor sufficient when using the SnakeBite Strike?

    It depends on hose length. It is not recommended to use the Strike with a 1.25″ hose longer than 25 feet.
  • Do I need any special equipment to get the SnakeBite noise and thrust reduction?

    No, just screw the SnakeBite with the Silencer fitted into a contractor thread nozzle holder, set the pressure to 100psi and start blasting. Blasting noise will automatically be reduced by up to 16 dB and and you will immediately feel around 45% less nozzle thrust – there is nothing else you have to do.
  • What if my nozzle isn't achieving a reduction of 16 dB?

    Factors contributing to the optimal reduction in sound pollution include.

    • Nozzle pressure needs to be between 80-115 psi
    • Blasting with lean abrasive flow increases noise

    Adjusting these factors will have an effect on dB reduction.

  • How long will the nozzle last?

    Expected wear-life for the SnakeBite is over 400 hours. This is double a standard tungsten carbide nozzle.
SnakeBite Strike increases blasting speed by 51%

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SnakeBite XQ Blast Nozzle


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SnakeBite Strike #10 Blast Nozzle


SnakeBite XQ reduces blasting noise pollution in half


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