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NACE SA 3 / SSPC SP-5: Understanding & Negotiating


If you are unsure about Brush off, White Metal, Near-white and Commercial, or want to learn more, we definitely recommend watching our video on the four categories of blast and their appearances on rust. The How to achieve SSPC Grades of Blast video demonstrates exactly what you need to know in order to understand the differences.

Link To Video: How to achieve SSPC Grades of Blast


If the inspector and contractor do not see eye to eye on surface cleanliness, the inspector gets to make the ultimate decision. How to stray away from having to negotiate disagreements with an inspector:
Be very clear in your contract and understand the inspectors expectations from day one. It is better to check right away, rather than waste an  entire day blasting to have your idea declined.

If there is a disagreement, both the contractor and the inspector are always supposed to argue from their agreed upon definition. This is removal of all visible rust, paint, contaminants and mill scale.
This will leave the metal in a white or grey standard appearance. If it does appear uniform, ask the inspector to point out the inconsistencies.

Also, make sure that is the only area they are upset about. Uniformity can definitely be subjective, but make sure to work with the inspector and take notes for the future of the project.

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