Climatic Condition Gauges

As with many trades the climatic conditions can dictate or influence the ability to undertake work. The measurement of climatic conditions is very important on abrasive blasting and protective coating jobsites. The measurement of the steel temperature, the relative humidity, the dew point and the air temperature is vital to ensure the parameters meet the required painting Specification – to ensure the best coating life.

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In many blasting and painting specifications the steel surface temperature needs to be 3°C or 5°F above the dew point. There is a danger of due (moisture) being formed on the steel surface which can result in flash trusting and/or moisture under the surface of the coating – which in turn can result in poor Coating adhesion or lack of coating cure. Blastone has a complete range of Dew point meters, Relative humidity meters and Whirling hygrometers, Magnetic Surface temperature gauges And Ambient air temperature Gauges.