Chlorides Measurement

The measurement of surface chlorides on abrasive blasters substrates can be conducted with various test kits to detect chloride ions. Steel that has been exposed to marine environments, has a very high chance of surface chlorides which need to be removed prior to or after abrasive blasting. Elevated levels of soluble salts and or surface chloride ions, can lead to premature coating failure and rework.

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As each application and specification can vary from site to site and between blasting projects, BlastOne has a range of soluble salt detection tools and surface contamination analysis test kits which can be used on site in situ. Bresle patches or posipatch in conjunction with Defelsko Positector SST soluble salt tester, is a preferred method of testing by many paint inspectors. Chlor*Test abrasive chloride test kits and Chlor*Test surface chloride ion test kitsoour user-friendly method of testing for chloride ions in blasting abrasive or on sandblasted surfaces with virtually instantaneous test results.